Baylor Parent Engagement

Baylor Parent Engagement

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Guidelines for Parents in Prayer

Suggested Program

Opening prayer: The leader starts with an opening prayer of praise and adoration. Once they are confident that everyone has been given the opportunity to pray on that topic, then they may offer a prayer of thanksgiving.


Inspiration: A brief message and scripture on the focus of the month.


Prayer time: Once the group has shared the inspiration time, the leader voices a prayer request and the group will lift up those on the list of requests and others in their hearts. These do not have to be elaborated. Simply reading the prayer requests and praises from the Internet would be appropriate. This segment should last approximately 20-30 minutes.


Dismiss: The leader ends the session with a closing prayer and extends an invitation to stay and fellowship.


Monthly Prayer Focus

Listed below are the monthly topics and suggestions for related prayers that are particularly relevant for college students.


Pray that your student will:

- develop a heart for the Lord and His ways
- have clear discernment to choose right over wrong
- deal with the pressures of school and social relationships, free from anxiety
- keep in good health
- have fulfilling, godly friendships that will have a positive influence in his/her life
- know that the Lord is with them even when it doesn't feel like it
- have the wisdom to seek His ways in those areas they are called 

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Pray that your student will:

-have persistence in well-doing, are fruit-bearing and will run the appointed race despite trials and distractions of life.
-run in such a way as to get the prize
-know that the testing of their faith will produce perseverance. 
-grasp that persevering under trial will set the way for them to receive the crown of life from the Lord.
-know that this challenge of college life will produce perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. 
-taste that persevering through these challenges will produce maturity and confidence.


Pray that your student will:

-know that God knew them before they were in the womb.  That he set them apart and loves them, that they are important to God.
-know that they belong to God, are children of God, and that they belong at Baylor even if they have struggles
-trust that even though they do not know their future, God will direct their paths as children of God
-see the lighted path before them so they can stay on God’s path as they make decisions about next year’s classes, major, where to live
-know that when challenges come their way, God’s grace is enough for them and he accepts them in their weakness
-know that God works all things together for good
-know that this challenge of college life will produce perseverance; perseverance builds character; and character produces hope. 
-seek and acknowledge God, and know that He will make their paths straight.


Pray that your student will:

-see and follow the path that God lights for them
-allow God to enlighten their minds with truth


Pray that your student will:

-see that God’s light is shining on them
-let God’s light shine on His truth that reaches their minds
-shine out God’s truth so others will see it and want what they have
-let them know that God’s light shines in the darkness and cannot overcome by it
-Pray that God’s light will shine on Baylor and Baylor will shine forth to what He is doing here so all the world may see.


Pray that your student will:

-Pray that God’s shines brilliantly so they will have His revelation
-see that God’s light is bright, with no darkness in them so that they can be wholly illumined!
-follow God and always will be pleasing to God
-Pray that God’s light will shine bright from Baylor and Baylor will illuminate God to the world in all that Baylor does.


Pray that your student will:

-once finals are over, that they find rest-physical, mental and spiritual. 
-know that their true rest is found in God and Christ Jesus. 
 be reenergized during this break from school and whatever they are doing this summer, that they are refreshed.  ---Pray for rest for our faculty, staff, and administration as well. 
-Pray that all our families find rest now that they are reunited with their students, or rest if their students are not coming home for the summer.