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Summer Classes - January 2013

Making the Most of the Summer Months

In high school, your student viewed summer as a welcome break from the grind of classes, but as a maturing young adult, their priorities have shifted. During a college student's busy life, summer can serve as an ideal time to catch up or get ahead in classes so they will graduate when planned.

"It's really smart for students to be planning ahead," Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Diana Ramey said. "All students are looking for ways to enhance their particular credentials and summer experience is a great way to do that."

Summer classes present a multitude of advantages for students, such as smaller classes, less expensive tuition and time to focus on only a few subjects rather than the full requirements of a typical semester. While students sometimes can be distracted by organizational commitments, meetings and social events during the regular semesters, summer classes allow students to more keenly concentrate on their academic goals and spend more time studying for exams.

"Typically in the summer you don't have the distractions that you have at other times," Ramey said. "There seems to be a little less pressure than in the fall or spring, which can get a little hectic."

During the summer sessions, students can boost their GPAs by retaking classes in which they didn't do as well as they would have liked, gaining more understanding of the subject and redeeming their grade. Also, by spreading their degree requirements through the summer, students lighten the load for upcoming semesters so they are less overwhelmed and better prepared to excel.

Along with the academic benefits, summer classes also can help families save money. This year, summer classes are 25 percent less expensive than regular hourly tuition, and in some instances, scholarship funds will apply to summer classes.

As you and your student consider the possibility of summer classes at Baylor, please consider the dates of the 2013 summer sessions:

Minimester: May 20-June 7

Summer 1: June 4-July 9

Summer 2: July 11-August 14

For more information about summer classes, visit the Summer 2013 website. The class listing for all summer sessions will be available in February, and students may register at that time.