Baylor Parent Engagement

Baylor Parent Engagement

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Informational Videos 2017

A 12 part series designed with YOU in mind!

The New Parent Experience (NPE) webinar is a series for parents and families of new college students enrolled at Baylor University. The NPE is designed to inform family members how to help their students make successful transitions to collegiate life.

The webinar is housed in the Baylor Parents Network and is a collaborative effort of the following offices: Paul L. Foster Student Success Center, Student Life, The College of Arts & Sciences, and the Parents Network.


Video Production by Christian Green of GRNWRKSMedia


Webinar Recordings:

  • “The First Few Weeks of College”

  • “Engage and Thrive –
    The Essential Guide for Both You and Your Students”

  • “Today’s Choices Shaping Tomorrow’s Future”

  • " 'Bear' ing Mind and Soul: Psychological, Spiritual, and Communal Health"

  • “Academic Advising at Baylor”

  • “Backing Your Success”

  •  “Going Further with Financial Aid”

  •  “Understanding the Baylor Community and Traditions”

  • “Career & Professional Development: Helping Students Find Career Success"

  • “Helping Your Student Be Well”

  • “Why Go To College Anyway”

  • "Final Week in two Parts:
    (1) Healthcare interests & (2) Life after the Webinar"

For questions or further information please contact us at: or 254-710-3361