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Pride Swells - October 2011

Pride Swells for Son and Baylor

When Carl Peterson's youngest son Jeffery chose to attend Baylor, Carl couldn't have been happier. After watching his oldest son Benjamin (BBA '01) flourish at Baylor, he was eager to have another Bear in the family.

Carl lives in Bedford, Texas, and works as a senior manager for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Although he is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Baylor has found a special place in his heart.

"I liked Baylor right from the get-go. The culture there reinforced my perception of Baylor both academically and spiritually," he said.

Jeffery, now a senior economics and entrepreneurship major, quickly found his home at Baylor by getting involved with a local church and joining Phi Kappa Chi fraternity, following in his brother's footsteps. In fact, Benjamin's Phi Chi T-shirt hangs on the wall in Jeffery's apartment.

"Phi Chis have a strong spiritual influence, and they hold each other accountable for being a gentleman and a solid citizen," Carl said.

Carl and his wife, Carol, love to come to campus to see Jeffery and his fellow Phi Chi brothers compete in All-University Sing. A long held tradition at Baylor, Sing is a competition in which campus organizations perform seven-minute Broadway style productions. Carl enjoys Sing and believes it teaches students accountability, diligence and interpersonal skills. Along with watching Sing, Carl and his wife attend Parents Weekend, and they make regular trips to visit Jeffery.

In between visits, Carl uses the Parents League website to keep up with the latest happenings on campus.

"Baylor seems to have a good handle on communicating to the parents," he said. "The Parents League ties the parents with the kids and the school."

Looking back, Carl said he believes that Baylor has been a perfect fit for Jeffery. Not only did Baylor welcome Jeffery, but it also catered to his academic, social and spiritual needs. Wanting to be a missionary, the Christian atmosphere at Baylor has reinforced Jeffery's values. As to Jeffery's next steps, Carl says God and Jeffery will have to work that out.