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ExxonMobil Foundation Presents Baylor with Check from Matching Gifts Program

WACO, Texas (May 1, 2015) – Baylor University announced today that it has received $434,625 from ExxonMobil and its employees through the ExxonMobil Foundation’s 2014 Educational Matching Gift Program.


The American Conservative: The Long Hot Summer of 2015

April 29, 2015
Philip Jenkins, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of History in Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR), writes that the Baltimore riots follow a chronological pattern of violence that has persisted throughout U.S. history. He notes that over the past century, racially-based rioting has been “remarkably consistent, although the reasons underlying these cycles are anything but clear.” Such major events occur at intervals of about every 48 years, with more regional ones occurring every 24 years: the Red Summer of 1919 in Chicago, Omaha and Knoxville; upheavals in Harlem and Detroit in 1943; the Long Hot Summer of 1967; and the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The timing of the violence might be tied to the fact that 24 years is roughly the span of a generation, Jenkins writes, with political impact that includes presidential elections. (Terry Goodrich, assistant director of Baylor Media Communications, covers ISR research and faculty.)


Baylor's Board of Regents Votes to Name School of Social Work for Dean Diana R. Garland

WACO, Texas (April 24, 2015) – Baylor University’s Board of Regents has voted to name the university’s School of Social Work in honor of its inaugural dean, Diana R. Garland, Ph.D., who has announced that she will step down from her position June 1 and return to faculty.


National survey finds Baylor in highly regarded company

You likely have green and gold on your mind a lot, and could quickly explain to anyone why Baylor is special, why our football team deserves a playoff spot, or how a professor or program impacted your life. But what do people who don’t have that personal connection think of when they think of Baylor? […]


In midst of cancer fight, 71-year-old checks Baylor graduation off his bucket list

If you attended December’s commencement ceremony, you might remember the extended standing ovation given for one graduate in particular: a dimpled, white-haired, 71-year-old man. But why was this septuagenarian crossing the stage with a bunch of 22-year-olds? Ted Carroll first came to Baylor from Dallas as a wide-eyed freshman in 1961. He had been working all summer to […]