Support KWBU

Feb. 19, 2014

On Thursday morning, between 6-9 AM, KWBU, our local public radio station at 103.3 FM, will hold its spring membership campaign. If you listen to KWBU, as Alice and I do, and appreciate the distinct service that the station provides this community, I encourage you to support the station by becoming a listener member during this membership drive.

KWBU receives about a third of its funding from Baylor University. The station is responsible for generating the remainder of the funding necessary to operate. Several members of the administration, faculty and staff actively serve as volunteers on the KWBU board while many Baylor faculty and staff are already listener members of the station. Some of our students produce local news pieces. KWBU is working hard to secure its funding base for the future.

If you are a listener who enjoys and benefits from the presence of this wonderful educational and entertainment resource in our community, I hope you will step forward to support the station financially by becoming a member of the KWBU family this week.