Baylor Alumni Spotlight featuring Joyce Nuner and Camilla Woodard

Baylor Faculty make a difference by the way they invest in their students. When asked about the impact of Baylor's Faculty, Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences alumna Camilla Slacum Woodard (BSFCS '10) shared about her long-time friendship with Dr. Joyce Nuner, Associate Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences, Child and Family Studies.

"How do you chronicle 13 years of friendship and mentorship succinctly? From first meeting my freshman year at Baylor all the way to now a global COVID pandemic pregnancy, Joyce and I have a deep bond that goes light years beyond the lecture hall. I sent her videos of my firstborn rolling over for the first time. I ask questions about sleep regressions and borrow her Brazelton books on development. This doesn't happen in most departments at universities across the nation.

Dr. Nuner took interest in me as a young adult working my way through college at the Piper Center and changing my major as I found a calling to work with children. We stepped out of the classroom together as I joined her in research methods gathering lit reviews for maternal guilt and postpartum depression. We worked together as faculty and student to bring in speakers for departmental student organizational meetings and events. She advised me not only academically, but also personally and professionally. As an undergrad she had me over for holidays since my family lived abroad.

Upon graduation, I was so glad it was not a final goodbye. Our relationship continued to grow and deepen as I taught her youngest two children at Piper and even asked her middle daughter to be in my wedding. We attended professional developments together and she even helped my husband on his dissertation for his Doctorate of Ministry.

There are so many interactions and aspects of our friendship that I could write pages. How do you chronicle 13 years succinctly? You can't. Because I can call on Dr. Joyce Nuner day or night all these years later freaked out about delivering my second baby during COVID-19. Why is that? She doesn't just lecture and leave. She invests. She puts in the time. She cares. She's genuine. She's all in."