Baylor Catholic Network

Baylor Catholic Network

Baylor Alumni Network

Our mission as the Baylor Catholic Network is to support the Catholic community at Baylor University, provide a Catholic network after college to grow towards community, love of God, and holiness.


We also have active chapters in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. If you're located outside one of these areas, contact us!


  • Executive Chair: Elizabeth George, '11
  • Executive Vice-Chair: Celina Basaldu, '12, '13
  • Dallas Area Coordinators: Elizabeth George, '11 & Celina Basaldu, '12, '13
  • Houston Area Coordinators: Chris Lehr, '10, '11 & Christine Dinh, '11, '14
  • San Antonio Area Coordinators: Nicole, '08 and James Grey, '08