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Dorothy (Dot) Swift Newsom

"Open my heart and you will see
'Graved inside of it Italy!"
Robert Browning

"Open my heart and you will see
'Graved inside of it Baylor!"
Dot Newsom

The Pearl Harbor tragedy came on December 7, 1941. We were thrust into war and our world was turned upside down. Dorothy (Dot) Swift Newsom graduated from Waco High School in May, 1942, and the next week enrolled in Baylor. She worked in Carroll Library and got to know most of the students who came to the library.

That first summer she met the love of her life, Asa Newsom, a sophomore from Dallas. They were in history class under Dr. Guy B. Harrison. They were married in 1944, six weeks before he entered Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. They have celebrated over sixty years of marriage! Dot and Asa have three sons, David, Kirk, and Kent, who are all Baylor graduates and Baylor Law School graduates.

Dot served on the board of the Dallas County Medical Alliance, has been involved in social and service organizations and has taught Bible classes for teens and adults at Wilshire Baptist Church where she and Asa have been members for over fifty years.

Dot and Asa have two grand children presently enrolled in Baylor, Juli who is a senior and Douglas who is a freshman.

Dot says, "We have loved and supported Baylor through the years and we still have the privilege of serving on the Development Council."