Women's Council

Women's Council

Baylor Alumni Network

Baylor University Women's Council of Lubbock

We invite you to connect with Baylor friends in the Lubbock area, participate in local programs and events and support the institution that has played a strong and meaningful role in your life!

Whether you're a recent graduate or have celebrated many Homecomings, whether you're a Baylor alum, a Baylor parent or married into the Baylor family, we welcome you! By joining together for fellowship, friendship and philanthropy, we bring the spirit of Baylor home.

Membership Levels

  • New Graduate Membership: Free
  • Mothers of 2019 Freshmen/Transfer Students: Free
  • Basic Membership: $25
  • Golden Membership: $75
  • Emerald Membership: $150
  • Diamond Membership:$1,000


Our events bring together alumni and friends in the Lubbock area, promoting philanthropy by raising money for local scholarships. Events include:

  • Scholarship Dinners
  • Fall and Spring Events
  • our annual Christmas party


2019-2020 Officers

President: Laura Vinson
President-Elect: Sheri Sowder
Secretary: Kristine Isaacson
Treasurer and Scholarship: Myrna Parsons
Membership: Julie Lowe
Programs: Lisa Alderson, Maura Crawford, Huicha Gabriel
Parliamentarian: Melissa Lyle
Historian: Melanie Littlefield
Chaplain: Karen Fulton
Baylor Women's Network Senior Director: Virginia Ellis