Advertising in Baylor Magazine

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Advertising in Baylor Magazine

About the Audience
Distribution 150,000 plus
-30 17%
30-39 12%
40-49 15%
50-59 19%
60+ 38%
Male 44%
Female 56%

Baylor Magazine is the official magazine of Baylor University, engaging alumni and friends in the life and advancement of the university by communicating the aspirations, needs and accomplishments of the Baylor family both on and off campus. Baylor Magazine is delivered four times a year to more than 150,000 families and individuals (including alumni, parents of students and friends of the university). The magazine is also distributed locally on campus and in hotels and businesses in the Waco area.

About 90,000 of our recipients are within the state of Texas, with high concentrations in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Waco.

Advertising in Baylor Magazine offers an opportunity to consistently present your message, products and services to an engaged and active audience with strong ties to Baylor and Texas.

Baylor Magazine readers are affluent and highly educated, with 40 percent earning at least a bachelor's degree, another 30 percent with a master's degree and 20 percent with a doctorate or other terminal degree (MD, JD).

Of the respondents in a recent Baylor alumni survey, 23 percent report household earnings between $45,000 and $99,999, 14 percent earn between $100,000 and $149,999, and 23 percent report earnings over $150,000.

Advertising Rates 

Layout and bleed requirements graph for all ads

Size 1x 2-3x 4x
Full page $3,700 $3,330 $3,150
2/3 page $2,775 $2,500 $2,360
1/2 page $2,405 $2,170 $2,050
1/3 page, 1/3 box $2,035 $1,840 $1,730
1/6 page $925 $840 $790
Covers 1x 2-3x 4x
Cover II (IFC) $4,440 $4,000 $3,780
Cover III (IBC) $4,255 $3,830 $3,620
Cover IV (BC 2/3) $4,700 $4,230 $4,000


Issue Reserve Space Digital Files & Payment Due Delivery Date*
Fall 7/31 8/15 10/5
Winter 10/31 11/15 1/5
Spring 1/23 2/10 4/5
Summer 4/2 5/10 7/5
*delivery dates are tentative and subject to change
Size Inches
Full page Cover II, III 9.25 x 11.125 bleed size (.125 bleed all sides)
2/3 page 5.1667 x 9.5
1/2 page 7.8715 x 4.625
1/3 page tall 2.5625 x 9.5
1/3 page box 5.1667 x 4.625
1/6 page 2.6526 x 4.625
Cover IV (2/3 page) 9.25 x 7.75 bleed size (.125 bleed sides & bottom)

Ads must be submitted digitally as high-resolution composite graphic files such as PDF (preferred), EPS, TIFF or JPEG prepared for CMYK output. Native InDesign files packaged with all supporting art and font files are also accepted.

Baylor Magazine reserves the right to determine the suitability of all advertisements and to reject or return for modification any ad that does not meet minimum quality or production standards. Baylor Magazine does not accept advertising that is in conflict with the mission of Baylor University or is in competition for programs and services offered by the University. Baylor Magazine cannot accept advertising for credit cards, insurance or certain types of travel programs. Advertising rates are tentative and subject to change.