Bear Cub Corner

Walker Lee Ballard, born June 9, 2022, to Sam Ballard, BA ’14, and Angela Ballard, BA ’14, in Dripping Springs, TX. 

Liam Lewis Billett, born Nov. 7, 2021, to Rachel and Nicholas Billett, BA ’13.

James Daniel Brooks, born July 5, 2022, to Jeremy Brooks, BBA ’18, and Addyson Hayes Brooks, BBA ’17. Grandmother is Suzanne Brooks, BBA ’84. Great grandmother is Barbara Justman, BSHE ’51. Aunt is Emily Hayes, BBA ’21. Uncle is Andrew Brooks, BBA ’21, MAcc ’21.

Hayden Richard Brown, born Sept. 27, 2022, to Jeff Brown, BBA ’09, and Erin Brown.

Anna Nadine Caldwell, born June 20, 2022, to Caleb Caldwell, BBA ’18, and Abbigail Caldwell, BSEd ’18, in Plano, TX. 

Asher Jack Carpenter, born Oct. 3, 2022, to Cody Carpenter, BBA ’10, and Megan Carpenter of Yukon, OK.

Charlie John Castano, born July 26, 2021, and Beau Elliot Castano, born Oct. 19, 2022, to Daniel Castano, BBA ’17, and Brooke Castano, BSEd ’17, of Jupiter, FL. 

Callum West Cocoris, born Sept. 8, 2022, to Tadd Cocoris, BBA ’14, JD ’20, and Emily Cocoris, BA ’14, from Dallas.

Alina Grace Daniel, born May 19, 2022, to Joshua and Elba Daniel, BA ’11, in Las Cruces, NM.

Charleigh Marie Driskill, born Oct. 6, 2022, to John Driskill, MBA ’84, and Marie Driskill in Houston. 

Kai Ofelia Fleming, born Sept. 8, 2022, to Evan Fleming, MDiv ’20, and Lorien Fleming of Victoria, TX. Grandfather is Jay Fleming, BA ‘83. 

Mason McKown Hibler, born Sept. 4, 2022, to Jacob, BSME ’16, and Kellie Hibler, BBA ’16. 

Tamara Jolie Higginbotham, born May 10, 2022, to Jon Higginbotham, BSN ’08, and Joanna Higginbotham, BSFCS ’07, in Dallas. Older brother is Jericho, 4.

Truett Michael Holmes, born Oct. 26, 2022, to Grant Holmes, BBA ’15, and Cayla Holmes, BA ’15, of Dallas.

Lucca Santiago Lacayo, born Dec. 13, 2022, to Gian Lacayo, BSME ’18, and Laura Cruz in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Lydia Elizabeth Maricle, born June 29, 2022, to Timothy and Brittany Maricle, BA ’08, of Longview, TX. Brothers are Wesley and Beau.

Jack Mason Meador, Hudson Gene Meador and Charles Holt Meador, born Oct. 7, 2022, to Dr. Clark Meador, BA ’04, and Kelly Meador, BA ’03, JD ’05, of Fort Worth. Grandmother is Dena Bond Risinger, BBA ’81. Great grandmother is Marie Cobb Risinger, BBA ’54.

William Joseph Metcalf- Doetsch, born Oct. 21, 2022, to Eric Metcalf-Doetsch, BS ’12, and Melissa Metcalf-Doetsch, BSEd ’12, in Houston. Big sister is Madeleine Metcalf-Doetsch.

Elsie Jo Mitchell, born Sept. 28, 2022, to Thomas David Mitchell and Morgan Canclini-Mitchell, BBA ’09, of Nashville. Aunt is Rachel Canclini Kettle, BBA ’11. 

James Andrew Neill Jr., born Sept. 20, 2022, to Drew Neill, BBA ’10, MAcc ’10, and Ashley Anderson Neill, BBA ’10, of Fort Worth. Proud big sisters are Caroline and Catherine.

Astrid Daisy Parrish, born Jan. 31, 2022, to Scott and Jessica Parrish, BS ’06.

Rory Prem Rajaratnam, born June 26, 2022, to Sammy Rajaratnam, BA ‘14, JD ‘19 and Megan Rajaratnam, BS ‘14, BSN ’17, of Austin. Big brother is Holden, 2. Aunts are Preethi Rajaratnam, BSFCS ’10, and Priyanka Rajaratnam, BSFCS ‘10. Grandparents are Venitha Rajaratnam, BSFCS ‘98 and Daniel Rajaratnam.

Elijah Runyon, born March 20, 2022, to Shane Runyon, BSN ’01, and Jennifer Runyon.

Audrey Diane Sanders, born June 18, 2022, to Trent Sanders and Rachel Smith Sanders, BA ‘14, of Knoxville, TN. Brothers are Jay and Irving.

Henry Warren Schwarzlose, born Sept. 29, 2021, to Brian Schwarzlose, BBA ’14, MAcc ’14, and Ashley Warren Schwarzlose, BBA ’14, MAcc ’14, of Coppell, TX. Grandparents are Mark Warren, BBA ’85, MBA ’87, and Kimberly Smith Warren, BBA ’85. Uncle is Adam Schwarzlose, BBA ’17, MAcc ’17. Great grandmother is Betty Watson Smith, BS ’56. Great-grandfather James Warren, PhD, professor emeritus, School of Engineering and Computer Science ’80-’98.

Celia Candace Yard, born Aug. 21, 2022, to Nolan and Maree Yard, MA ’21, of Waco.