John H., BA ’54, LLM ’56, and Martha Minton, BA ‘55, of Tyler, TX, established the John H. and Martha Meiners Minton Endowed Scholarship in Nursing, which supports nursing students. 

Max Joseph Havlick, BA ’55, MA ’69, as of Sept. 25, 2022, continued the Matthew Studies Class of the First Baptist Church of Oak Park closer to his home which enabled it to continue its unbroken run of 1,235 Sunday morning classes since February 7, 1999.

Frank, BBA ’57, and Pat Gabriel of Colleyville, TX, established the Frank and Pat Gabriel Endowed Scholarship in Business to benefit students enrolled in the Hankamer School of Business and the Frank and Pat Gabriel Endowed Fund in Business to support the Hankamer School of Business Undergraduate Business Research Assistant program. 

The Mottie Sue Scarborough Leach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing, a Hord Challenge Scholarship, was established by Kimberly Sue McHugh of Houston, TX, to commemorate the 85th birthday of her mother, Mottie Sue Scarborough Leach, BSN ’58. This scholarship supports nursing students.


W. Michael Miller, BA ’61, lives in Northeast Ohio. It’s beautiful but has cold winters. He said, “You know you are getting older when you have more friends in Heaven than on Earth!” 

Jarred, BBA ’61, and Kay Nan Sloan, BA ’62, of Houston, established the Nan Kay and Jarred Sloan Baylor Built Endowment which supports the Baylor Built program in the Student-Athlete Center for Excellence, and the Baylor Student Athlete Mental Health Endowment which supports the mental health of Baylor student-athletes.

Dan G. Bagby, BA ’62, MS ’64, authored The Worship Hour [Smyth & Helwys Publishing, Incorporated, 2019], a collection of meditations, prayers and sermon outlines dedicated to the Congregation of Seventh & James Baptist Church, where he served as pastor from 1979 to 1994. Dan retired as Theodore F. Adams Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling in Richmond, where he lives with wife Janet Pitman Bagby, BA ’65.

Penn Barber, BBA ’62, of Dallas, established the Penn and Margie Barber Endowed Scholarship Fund, a Hord Challenge Scholarship, which supports students enrolled in Hankamer School of Business.

Elizabeth Norman Bliss, BSN ’64, of Valrico, FL, established the Elizabeth Normal Bliss Endowed Scholarship in Nursing, which supports nursing students. 

Charles Guittard, BA ’64, authored I Will Teach History, The Life & Times of Francis Gevrier Guittard, Professor, Baylor University [First Edition Design Publishing, 2022]. The book consist of Baylor stories and family stories relating to Professor Frank Guittard (1867-1950). The book was listed on Amazon’s bestseller list for Historical Study and Teaching.

The Stuart E. Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship for Baylor in Oxford was established by the Children of Dr. Stuart E. Rosenbaum, represented by Michael Rosenbaum of Saint Cloud, MI, in memory of their beloved father, Dr. Stuart E. Rosenbaum, BA ’65. This scholarship supports students enrolled at Baylor University.

Thomas R. Tomlinson, BBA ’67, was honored for 51 years in business as an accountant in his community, at the annual Truman Day’s Parade, as this year’s Grand Marshall. He and his wife, Mary, celebrated their 50th Anniversary last year, April 17. Over the past 51 years, Tomlinson served as the Past State President of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, CFO of the Truman Building & Loan, CEO of the William A Booz Baptist Home and past treasurer of the Nashville Township Board, in Martin County, MN. His biggest highlight was the birth of their two children — Steve and Christine, who have now given them five granddaughters, the oldest is 6-years-old and the youngest is three months.