Bear Cub Corner

Alayna Marie Acosta, born Aug. 16, 2022, to Dr. Nick Acosta, BSEd ‘09, and Yanin Gonzalez Acosta, BBA ‘10, of Dallas. Grandparents are Dr. Danny Acosta, BS ‘79, and Patricia Acosta, BSEd ‘79, MSEd ‘81.

Yusuf Ahmadi, born April 13, 2022, to Yunus Ahmadi, BA ’02, and Saman Mattoo of Houston.

Harper Kate Bailey, born June 24, 2022, to Jordan Bailey and Mallory Hall Bailey, BSN ’15, of Wylie, TX. Great grandparent is Lou Nelle Beall George, BA ’64. Grandparents are Scott Hall, BBA 84’, and Emily George Hall, BSEd ‘86. Great aunts and uncles are Katherine George Nalbone, BSN ’83, and Torey Nalbone, BSB ‘81, along with Melanie George McVeigh, BSFCS ’94, and Todd McVeigh, BBA ‘92.

Levi Tobias Barnes, born April 30, 2022, to Matt Barnes, MDiv ’05, and Alida Barnes, MS ’03. Brothers are Myron and Smith.

Baylor Austin Brown, born Aug. 21, 2022, to Austin Brown, BA ’17, and Brooklyn Brown

Elliott George Ceska, born March 1, 2022, to Edward Anthony Ceska, BA ’07, and Jessee Morgan Ceska, in Herndon, VA. 

Sloane Merritt Crowder, born Sept. 24, 2022, to Conner Crowder, BBA ’10, and Jessica Crowder. Aunts are Stevie Crowder Patrick, BA ’04, Tyler Crowder Hewitt, BBA ’05, Bailee Crowder Luecke, BA ’11. 

Aviana Hope Doe, born Aug. 7, 2022, to Peter N. Doe, BBA ’20, and Vanessa J. Doe, BBA ’19, MAcc ’19, in Pasadena, CA. 

Elijah Brent Fry, born July 18, 2022, to Drew Fry, BSME ’16, and Kaley Fry, BA ’16. 

Jackson Gregory Gould, born March 2022, to Jared Gould and Kelly Gould, BA ‘06, of Waco.

Benjamin Forrest Hanson, born March 2, 2022, to Samuel Hanson, BA ’14, and Jacqueline Hanson, BS ‘14, of Austin. Great-great-great grandfather is Samuel Palmer Brooks, BA ’01.

Blake Elizabeth Huth, born Aug. 21, 2021, to Colby Huth, BA ’16, and Paige Huth of Livingston, TX.

Forrest Jackson, born Aug. 8, 2020, and Houston Jackson, born June 25, 2022, to Scott Jackson, BA ’13, and Lindsey Reyes Jackson, BSEd ’12, of San Antonio.

Lexi Angelina Jimenez Kramer, born June 24, 2022, to Alan Kramer, BA ’08, and Carmen Jimenez Kramer, BA ’08. Older brothers are twins, Parker and Zachary, 6.

Ethan Desmond Lau, born June 13, 2022, to David Lau, BA ‘13, and Elizabeth Dratz Lau, BBA ‘12.

Elizabeth Lin, born Oct. 6, 2021, to Qianwei Zhao and Shih-Kai “Sky” Lin.  

Neely Grey Luck, born May 31, 2022, to Jesse Luck, BSME ’12, and Elizabeth Churchill Luck, BSEd ’12, of Dallas.

Elise Ann Lunka, born May 12, 2022, to Derek Lunka, BBA ’08, and Lauren Lunka, BSEd ’10, in Six Mile, SC. Older brother is Caleb, 6.

Henry Matthew McIntosh, born on May 11, 2022, to Jeff and Whitney McIntosh, BA ‘13, of Southlake, TX. Grandparents are Dr. Jeff and Stacy Warren, BSEd ‘83. Aunt is Emily Landers, BA ‘13. Uncle is Travis Warren, BA ‘18.

Piper Isabelle Paxton, born Feb. 22, 2022, to Jeremy Paxton, BA ’08, and Kara King, BA ’10, of Houston. Grandparents are Becca King, BSEd ’77, David King, BBA ’77, Jay Cullen Paxton, BA ’74, JD ’77.

Theodore Augustus Perera, born March 7, 2022, to Dylan Perera and Meghan St. Cyr Perera, BBA ’16, of Helotes, TX.

Annarose Susan Clare Reagan, born Oct. 12, 2021, to Jacob Reagan, BA ’13, and Sabrina Reagan, BA ’13. Sister is Arabella.

Rhodes Kiraly Reed McDanel, born June 18, 2022, to Tyler Barnes McDanel, BA ’09, and Giovanna Reed McDanel, BBA ‘10.

Henry Perry Reidling, born July 13, 2022, to Coleman Reidling, MDiv ’20, and Louise Reidling, BA ‘19.

Christian Alberto Ruiz, born May 17, 2022 to Christian Ruiz and Elizabeth Ruiz, BS ’10, of Liberty Hill, TX.

Caroline Renee Rutledge, born Dec. 31, 2020, to Dustin Rutledge, BBA ‘13, and Hannah Rutledge of McKinney, TX.

Jonathan Allen Rutledge, born March 20, 2022, to Dustin Rutledge, BBA ‘13, and Hannah Rutledge of McKinney, TX.

Clara Olive Scully, born May 23, 2022, to Mariam Scully, BA ’09, and Tyler Scully of Houston.

Bryson Mark Shelton, born Feb. 11, 2022, to Richard Shelton, BS ‘08 and Recia Shelton of San Luis Obispo, CA. Grandparents are Mark Shelton, BS ’79, and Mary Ann Shelton, BS ‘79.

Palmer Nell Starkey, born Feb. 3, 2022, to Spencer Starkey, BS ‘13, and Rachel Starkey, BBA ‘14, of Houston. Grandparents are Taylor Starkey, BA ’81, and Myra Starkey, BBA ’82. Great grandparents are L’Nell Starkey, BA ’53, and John Starkey, BA ’53, MD ’57. Aunts are Hannah Smith, BA ’10, and Stephanie Williamson, BA ’20. Uncle is Miles Starkey, BFA ’11. Great aunts are Mignon Jones, BA ’84, Melanie Johnston, BA ’84, Loree Clark, BA ’79, Marsella Fults, BA ’76, JD ’79, Cindy Lemmons, BA ’85, Susie Mitchem, BA ’84. Second cousins are Madeline Clark, BA ’07, Dawson Clark, BS ’10. 

Grayson Drew Starkweather, born July 12, 2022, to Andrew Starkweather, BBA ’18, and Emily Starkweather, BBA ‘17, of Houston.

Henning Elizabeth Tamlyn, born May 31, 2022, to Ty Tamlyn, BSME ’17, and Sterling Tamlyn, BBA ’16, of Dallas.