Institute for Faith and Learning Celebrates 25 Years

Baylor’s Institute for Faith and Learning (IFL) is celebrating 25 years of fostering the pursuit of academic excellence and Christian commitment and its worldwide contributions to nurturing the synergy between faith and reason.


“There is a deeply ingrained assumption in higher education that the life of faith and the life of the mind cannot coexist. But this way of thinking runs counter to the basic Christian belief that faith animates every aspect of one’s life,” said IFL Director Darin H. Davis, M.A. ’95, Ph.D. “Over the past quarter century, Baylor University’s Institute for Faith and Learning has distinguished itself among a handful of nationally regarded academic centers devoted to a faith-centered and intellectually rigorous Christian scholarship and serves as an advocate for seeking and promoting deeper understanding of the ways in which faith might shape and direct teaching and research.”

“Those who work and teach in a Christian academic setting are given both a great honor and a tremendous responsibility as we are entrusted not only with the training of the mind but with their students’ spiritual development,” Davis said. “One of the most important ways in which IFL supports Baylor University’s mission of bringing the riches of the Christian faith to its students is to create opportunities for faculty and staff members to enrich and nurture their own faith.”

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