The Baylor Line

The Baylor Line

There is a line that connects generation to generation of the Baylor Family. “That Good Old Baylor Line” — sung at games and gatherings — reflects the spirit of the green and gold. Each fall, new students get to physically represent the Baylor Line by walking through the columns at Independence, signing the gold line at McLane Stadium, and running onto the field to form a human tunnel for the team’s entrance. It’s a tradition that continues to grow as each new generation makes it their own.

Running the Baylor Line shows that I am officially a member of the Baylor Family. The Line is meaningful to me because I get to go through this experience with my new classmates, and we all get to start making our class into a community. Also, I love the history of this tradition and how the Baylor student section continues to eagerly support our football team! 

Connor Hartigan, Sophomore

I chose the name ”Flutterby” for my Line Jersey because of its meaning to my family. My great-grandfather coined the word, so I carry it now to honor my family while remembering my commitment to why I am here at Baylor. 

Kiera Griffin, Freshman

Bryson Jackson
Each game when we come through that tunnel at McLane and see the Baylor Line packed and screaming, we know it’s time to go. There’s nothing like playing at home in front of our fellow students, fans and alumni, and the first faces we see are in the Baylor Line. They’ve got our backs, and we’re always going to show out for them. 

Bryson Jackson, Senior, Outside Linebacker 

Line Jersey Balloon
The Baylor Line is perhaps my favorite balloon which appears in the Homecoming Parade. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of my freshmen year and the excitement which came with becoming a student here at Baylor. I hope that it inspires that feeling in every member of the Baylor Family — not only alumni but also future students. 

Philip Petitjean, Senior, Baylor Chamber of Commerce Homecoming Parade Chair

Ceremonial Line Running
When the ceremonial Line was announced, I immediately sent a text to my pledge sisters and said, “Y’all, we’re going to do this!” When we were running, I was transported back to when my grandfather played football at Baylor and my father ran track at Baylor, and that connection to the historic Baylor Line was really what struck me that day. Whether you’re sitting up in the stands or you have the opportunity to run it on the field, that sea of yellow that comes out — I still get tears every time. Getting to experience that makes that even deeper for me now. It’s incredible. 

Molly Ferguson, B.A. ’82

Running the Line
I can’t wait for game day when we run on the field before the game and then hype up the team during the game! To me, the Baylor Line means my family away from home. Running the Baylor Line allows me to be a part of a fun activity that brings the group closer together just like a family activity. 

Bennet Beckering, Junior

Running the Line
While running the Baylor Line, first-year BUGWB members take huge pride in wearing their Golden Wave Band uniforms because it gives them a sense of joy in what they do as a member of the Golden Wave Band. Being a member of the Golden Wave Band involves being a part of halftime shows, pep rallies and parades, and every member provides relentless energy and passion in representing Baylor! The day that the first-year members run the Baylor Line is a moment they will never forget because they feel part of a special group that represents both the freshman class and the Golden Wave Band, which provides an amazing sense of fulfillment. 

Jacob Lira, Sophomore

Line Camp in Independence
The journey to Independence during Line Camp was beautiful from start to finish. I particularly treasure the moment when I was greeted by my Line Camp leader, Kirsten, before walking through the columns. As the worship music played in the background, I put on my Line Jersey and was welcomed home with a hug, some happy tears and a smile by Kirsten — who my group affectionately called “mom.” It was a moment when I truly knew that Baylor would be my home.  

Lena Martinez, Freshman

Signing the Line
Signing the Line was my “wow, I really am at Baylor” moment. Move-in and Welcome Week were amazing, but extremely fast-paced. I never felt like I truly ever got to process everything. Leaving my signature on the Baylor 2026 Line felt like a culmination of countless hopes and dreams! 

Zachary Magno, Freshman