A Global Bear

Carlos Ramón , BSE ’90
Carlos Ramón , BSE ’90

Carlos Ramón , BSE ’90, is founder and CEO of Uniply, his third startup company created to empower B2B SaaS startups to growth and scale with confidence via Uniply’s Unified Execution Platform.

“I had to build companies cross-functionally, cross-geo, and cross-culturally,” Ramón said. “The only way I could keep everyone together was by providing them with our unified playbook. We used to do it with documents, presentations, meetings, etc. So, we developed software — a unified playbook platform — to help business teams win.”

Ramón grew up in Uruguay and discovered Baylor while studying as an exchange student in San Antonio during his senior year in high school. After graduating from Baylor, he was a consultant in industries as varied as catfish and poultry farming to various roles in Silicon Valley.

“Baylor provided a good foundation,” he said. “Those were defining years because experiences there gave me the confidence to go out into the world, and I really flourished. After working in the catfish and poultry industries, I got into some really cool projects, helping airlines and some of the largest telecom companies in Latin America to transform themselves.”

As one of PeopleSoft’s first employees in Latin America, Ramón eventually rose through the ranks. He became the company’s vice president of Latin America and was later head of the international team division from Paris.

“I’ve always had titles like the vice president of international, the general manager of international, building that playbook as a how-to guide for a U.S.-centric company to transport their technology and value to the rest of the world so others could benefit,” Ramón said. “I often tell people that I was an evangelist of business knowledge trying to make the world much better.”

Ramón, who was a walk-on placekicker under College Football Hall of Fame member Grant Teaff for two seasons, remembers his time at Baylor fondly.

“My Baylor years were a defining time in my life,” he said. “I was a kid from the humblest neighborhood that somehow made it out of Uruguay as an executive and entrepreneur.”