Mark C. Gunnin, BA ’90, and Jennifer Gunnin, BA ’91, established the James Vardaman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in memory of James W. Vardaman, BA ’51, PhD. This scholarship provides assistance to students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Mike O’Quin, BA ’92, published Unearthing Heaven: Why Tomorrow’s Reward Matters Today (Mantap Publishing). The book, his third, is about finding life motivation through imagining a more vivid and rewarding eternity. See more at UnearthingHeaven.com. Contact at mgo@hopemail.org.

Lisa Mesloh O’Hurley, BS ’94, is founder and CEO of premium women’s golf lifestyle apparel brand Lohla Sport. She is a former Golf Channel and Golfino executive with more than two decades of experience in the golf industry. O’Hurley was a member of the Baylor women’s golf team and is a die-hard Bears fan for life. Lohla Sport debuted in January and quickly captivated the golf, country club and resort market. The brand’s impeccable sense of style features colorful, on-trend European designs with Los Angeles flair. Formal collaboration with London-based Paul Rees (renowned creator of countless Burberry, Aquascutum and Golfino hits) has Lohla Sport in roughly 100 exclusive golf shops nationwide.

Laura Hilton Hallmon, BA ’96, a partner at Cantey Hanger LLP, was elected to the board of directors of Meritas Law Firms Worldwide, a global alliance of independent law firms that serves the legal needs of companies doing business across markets. Hallmon was elected to the board position from more than 7,400 attorneys in the Meritas member network. She will serve a three-year term with 20 other attorneys from around the world.

Heather Bauman, BA ’99, and Mark Bauman, BBA ’99, of Colorado Springs, CO, established the Dr. Alden Smith Endowed Scholarship in honor of Alden Smith, PhD, a longtime professor and Master Teacher in Classics. This fund supports students enrolled in the University Scholars Program within the Honors College.