Bear Cub Corner

Norah Marie Bamford, born March 26 to Adam Bamford, BBA ’05, and Nicole Bamford, BBA ’05, of Prosper, TX.

Colton Riley Bishop, born April 13 to Justin Bishop, BA ’17, and Emma Wilson Bishop, BA ’17, of Wilmington, NC. Emma was a coed cheerleader, and Justin was in ROTC.

Ruth Sylvia Bushong, born June 5 to Vincent Bushong, MS ’21, and Rebekah Bushong of Waco.

Rory Kit Cunningham, born June 24 to Brad Cunningham, BBA ’07, and Ally Cunningham of Hartsburg, MO. Brad and Ally are already planning Rory’s enrollment in the class of 2043.

Ernesto Cristobal Davila, born July 11 to Alexis Jimenez-Davila, BSN ’ 06, and her husband Omar Davila. Ernesto was delivered by fellow alumni Dr. Rebecca Gee, BA ’83.

Kathryn Gail Duncan, born May 27 to Christopher Duncan, BS ’13, MBA ’17, and Kirstyn Dominy Duncan, BS ’14, of Houston.

Jay Colin Hernandez, born Feb. 4 to Moises Hernandez, BA ’07, and Cheyenne Hernandez, BA ’06, of Paris, TX. Jay was born the same day as the grand opening of his parents’ Chick-fil-A restaurant. Brothers are Everett, 8, and Beau, 6.

Masyn Layne Hicks, born March 17 to Michael Hicks, BS ’12, and Alexis Hicks of Burleson, TX.

Scarlett Ogea Hogoboom, born March 31, 2021, to Trevor Dean Hogoboom, BSME 2013, and Tara Davis Hogoboom, BSME 2013. Big sister is McKenna Belle Hogoboom. 

Miles Richard Kirk, born July 11, 2020, to Aubrey Kirk, BBA ’16, and Declan Kirk, BS ’16, of Lubbock, TX. Grandparents are Jay Allison, BBA ’78, MS ’80, JD ’81, and Jenny Allison, BSEd ’78, MSEd ’80. Great-grandparents are Edna Reid, BA ’51, and Bryce Reid, BS ’51.

Wyatt Ray Lantz born Feb. 8, 2021, to Haley Lantz, BA ’17, and Brady Lantz, BA ’17, of Austin, TX.

Sivan Jade Loya, born Sept. 17, 2019, to Kylie Loya, BA ’11, and Ryan Loya of Stafford, TX. 

Cristiano Elias Mortel, born April 2 to Marcella Bravo Mortel, BA ’12, and Marc Allen Mortel, BBA ’11, of Richmond, TX.

Maeve Arlene Mellish, born June 9, to Mac Z. Mellish, BA ’03, and Kellie L. Mellish of Shelton, CT.

Harrison S. Reid, born to Todd Reid, BS ’14, and Erin Reid, BS ’14.

Zoe Sjana Ruiz, born April 14 to Robert Ruiz, BS ’09, and Allison McKimmey Ruiz, BBA ’11 of Dallas.

Irving Jerram Sanders, born Jan. 11, 2020, to Trent and Rachel (Smith) Sanders, BA ’14, of Knoxville, TN. Big brother is Jay.

Helen Louise Sims, born April 29 to Josh Sims, BA ’07, MTS ’17, and Cara Pollock Sims, BSEd ’08, of Greenville, SC. Siblings are Mary Katherine, 7, Ivy, 6, Hill, 5, and Liza, 3.

Micah Alexander Sloan, born March 31 to Matthew Sloan and Heather McAnear Sloan, BSW ’05, of Austin. Micah was born just in time to cheer the men’s basketball team to victory in the national championship.

Emma Jones Taylor, BSW ’12, MSW ’13, and Zachary Taylor welcomed their first baby Lucy Austin Taylor in February. Emma is a lecturer and program director for the Baylor School of Social Work Houston campus extension. Lucy is the school’s newest mascot!

Wyatt James Yeakle, born Feb. 19 to Tyler Yeakle, BS ’13, and Lauren Yeakle, BS ’15, of Houston.