Dr Pepper Hour Tour

Dr Pepper Hour Tour

The best hour of the week is hitting the road as Baylor’s Dr Pepper Hour Tour visits high schools throughout Texas during the 2021-22 academic year. Dr Pepper Hour — a Baylor tradition since 1953 — is making a statewide high school tour to deliver the sweet experience of Dr Pepper floats alongside the excitement of being a part of the Baylor Family.

Baylor Senior Director of Undergraduate Admissions Ross VanDyke is happy to carry a bit of the University’s flavor to Texas high school students.

“We’re all excited to share this unique Baylor experience with prospective students and brighten their day with a quick treat,” VanDyke said. “Previously, students only experienced this tradition while on campus; so, it’s awesome that we can bring this on the road with us.”

A custom Baylor- and Dr Pepper-
branded truck and trailer enjoyed a four-week fall tour (Sept. 20-Oct. 17) and will embark on an eight-week spring tour (March 21-May 15) with stops at select high schools in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. 

A mobile app tracks the Dr Pepper Hour tour across the state and allows students to request the tour making a stop at their respective high schools. The app includes social media posts from the tour, including ways to share content from the experience. Information and videos about Baylor and application information are included in the app along with a video tutorial on making Dr Pepper floats at home from Baylor President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., and the First Family.