Let There Be Light

Each year, Baylor produces a new institutional commercial that airs during televised athletics events. A day in the life of a typical Baylor student is the focus of this year’s commercial. 

The 30-second commercial, titled Let There Be Light, is an extension of the University’s Where Lights Shine Bright brand campaign. It features scenes of campus life paired with couplets that paint a picture of the vibrant, active campus experience, supported by a caring Christian community, that prepares Baylor students to shine as leaders and servants in the world.

Jason D. Cook, A.B.C. ’20, is Baylor’s vice president for marketing and communications and chief marketing officer.

“Baylor’s Lights Shine Bright campaign has been especially meaningful during the past 18 months as we all have dealt with the challenges of COVID-19,” Cook said. “Let There Be Light, the theme of this year’s commercial, calls us back to those experiences and relationships that bring us hope and joy as part of the Baylor Family.” 

The visual story is further enhanced through the music of Nashville-based Christian duo Apollo LTD. Known for their exuberant, ’80s- and ’90s-infuenced sound, the group’s recent release, Sunday Morning Feeling, provides the commercial’s soundtrack. 

Jordon Phillips and Adam Stark of Apollo LTD were college roommates and writing partners for years before stepping in front of the microphone in 2015. Phillips’ uncle, a NASA astronaut in the 1990s, was the inspiration for the duo’s name. The musicians, like the Apollo program, had a desire to do something never previously done.

“We are honored to partner with Baylor University for their new commercial using our song Sunday Morning Feeling,” Phillips said. “We wrote that song to bring light to all who heard it and are excited to see it come to life for Baylor. We are also looking forward to having the opportunity to play for their students on campus.”

View the Baylor commercial here.