Alumni By Choice

Alumni by Choice

Congratulations to our new Alumni by Choice. These individuals were nominated to be recognized as Baylor Alumni by Choice because of their love for and commitment to the University.

  • Dr. Gregory Aune
  • Hali Bell
  • James Brincks
  • Jeanne Brincks
  • Donald Busby
  • Melanie Cervone
  • Mary Childs
  • Delonda Citrano 
  • Sammy Citrano
  • Ola Elaine Cochran
  • Stephanie Colwell
  • Edward Feldman
  • Karen Flanders
  • Chad Frederick
  • Kristy Fudge
  • Paul Garcia
  • Jesse Garrett
  • Colonel Jimmie Hanes Jr.
  • Becky Hankins
  • Sarah Kathryn Hickman
  • David Lamkin
  • Bill Leach
  • Jerry Logan
  • Craig Maccubbin
  • Dee Dee McGrew
  • Shawn McGrew
  • Judy Miller
  • Kevin Muegge
  • Renee Parker
  • Dana Rechtorovic
  • Christine Rosselli
  • Ashleigh Rutherford
  • Lauryn Rutherford
  • Bill Skillman
  • Cheryl Skillman
  • Jeff Tschoepe

Baylor Alumni may nominate prospective Baylor Alumni by Choice by completing the nomination form with a description of how the nominee reflects a commitment to the Baylor mission. The nomination form is available at Once approved, each new Baylor Alumni by Choice class is recognized at a special celebration where they receive their official Baylor Alumni by Choice decree.