Bear Cub Corner

Elliott Velouria Bass, born Jan. 20 in New York, and Ever Devlin Bass (not pictured), born March 27 in Austin, are the first granddaughter and grandson of Robert T. “Bob” Bass, BA ’73, JD ’76, and Robin Webster Bass.

Brylee Betters, born July 27, 2020, to Anthony Betters Jr., BA ’16, of Cedar Rapids, IA.

Carter Matthew Brown, born Dec. 12, 2020, to Colyn Brown, BBA ’12, and Matthew Brown of League City, TX.

Gabriel Elijah Carrasquillo, born Oct. 1, 2020, to Manuel E. Carrasquillo, BA ’05, and Daisy Carrasquillo, BA ’09, of Anna, TX. Brothers are Samuel, 3, and Daniel, 2.

Cash Huxlee Colburn, born Oct. 13, 2020, to William Colburn, BSME ’12, and Katie Colburn, BA ’12, of Katy, TX. Family members include: great-grandfather Gary Colburn, BA ’60; grandparents Kirk Reese Lee, BS ’85, and Anjanette Lemmons Lee, BS ’86; great-aunt Laurie Colburn Duke, BM ’94; aunt Stephanie Colburn DeLuca, BME ’13, MM ’15; and uncle James DeLuca, BME ’18.

Gracen Alexander Denk, born Sept. 11, 2020, to Davin Denk, BA ’08, MBA ’19, and Duke Denk, BA ’18, of Waco.

Caleb Allen Dillard, born Sept. 16, 2019, to Josh Dillard and Jenny Allen Dillard, BBA ’07, MAcc ’08, of Grapevine, TX. Family members include: sister Kylee; grandparents Jerry Allen, BS ’79, and Judy Graham Allen, BS ’78; and aunt Julianna Allen, BBA ’12.

William “Reed” Doughtie, born Oct. 26, 2020, to William Doughtie, BS ’04, and Amy Doughtie of Amarillo, TX.

Hooper James Duck, born Jan. 8 to Lillyan Baker Duck, BA ’10, and Trey Duck, BA ’08, JD ’12, of Austin.

Sophia Gray Durnell, born Jan. 14 to Austin Durnell, BBA ’14, MS ’16, and Andrea Durnell, BA ’13, of Waco. Grandparents are Kevin Durnell, BBA ’79, Laurie Durnell, BBA ’78, and David and Myra Clendennen, BS ’83; great-grandparents are Virginia Pipkin Schneider and Cathy Felan, ABC.

Charles Ford Dutton, born Nov. 19, 2020, to Crystal Wallingford Dutton and Zach Dutton, BBA ’10, of Austin.

James Matthew Fernandez, born Nov. 20, 2020, to Matthew Fernandez, BBA ’04, and Priscila Fernandez of Garland, Texas.

Benjamin Lee Fuller, born Sept. 23, 2020, to Amanda Earnest Fuller, BBA ’06, and Justin Fuller of Long Beach, CA.

Aiden Alan, born to Courtney Gahm-Oldham, BBA ’03, and JT Oldham of Cypress, TX. Aiden’s brothers are Von, 6, and Lawson, 4.

Rhett Walker Gibson, born May 18, 2019, to Greg Michael Gibson, BBA ’09, and Kristy Gilbert Gibson, BBA ’09, of Fulshear, TX. Great-grandparents are Kenneth Bartos, BA’ 56, Shirley Bartos, and Weldon Gibson, BBA ’53. Grandmother is Cindy Bartos Gibson, BS ’80. Aunt is Megan Gibson Moss, BBA ’06. Rhett first visited campus at 10 months old and participated in the Baby Crawl during halftime at the Ferrell Center.

Jude Alexander Gutierrez, born June 4, 2020, to Eric Gutierrez and Alice Swanner Gutierrez, BS ’09, of San Antonio. Jude’s Baylor line includes his mom, grandparents and great-grandmother.

Rex Daniel Haddad, born Feb. 2 to Daniel Haddad, BA ’12, and Madeline Haddad, BA ’13, MS ’15, of Waco. Grandparents are Mark French, BBA ’84, JD ’87, Amy Radcliffe French, BA ’85, MSEd ’86, Emil Haddad and Janice Haddad.

Grant Walker Hanson and Palmer Lynn Hanson were born Oct. 6, 2020, to Robin Hanson, BA ’08, and Walker Hanson, BA ’08. Palmer is named after his great-great-grandfather Baylor President Samuel Palmer Brooks. These future Baylor Bears look forward to tailgating with their friends for years to come.

Andersen John Harlan, born to John Harlan, BBA ’13, and Connie Harlan of Dallas.

Clara Hibler, born June 6, 2019, to Jacob Hibler, BS ’16, and Kellie Hibler, BBA ’16, of Midland, TX.

Ellen Faye Holzbog, born Nov. 13, 2020, to Morgan Holzbog, BA ’17, and Kevin Holzbog of Decatur, TX. Ellen’s sister is Parker Holzbog, 7.

McKinley Elise Howerton and Jackson Lee Howerton, born July 28, 2020, to Brynn Berry Howerton, BS ’11, and Neil Howerton, BS ’10, of Arlington, TX. Doting brother Hudson is 3.

Dylon Austin Jackson, born March 23 to DaMon Jackson and Ashley Jackson, MBA ’20, of Houston.

Reid Henry Jakowitsch, born Oct. 21, 2020, to Michael Jakowitsch, BA ’96, and Kirsten Jakowitsch of Fort Worth.

Charles Michael Jodry, born Oct. 13, 2020, to Alex Jodry, BBA ’08, and Amy Stone Jodry, BA ’12, of Dallas. Family members include: grandparents Ken Stone, JD ’84, and Elizabeth Ann Richards Stone, BS ’82, and Richard Jodry and Kathryn Gnuse Jodry; aunt Rachel Stone, BSEd ’15; uncle Max Jodry, BBA ’04; and Whitney Jodry.

Kaiden Lee Lancaster, born Nov. 24, 2020, to Kelsey Carpenter Lancaster, BS ’13, and Jarek Lancaster of San Antonio.

Levi Tate Lofland, born June 8, 2020, to William Lofland, BA ’06, and Lyndsey Lofland, BA ’08, of Rockwall, TX.

Cole Roy Lovelady, born Nov. 9, 2020, to Jordan Lovelady, BBA ’10, and Kendra Kirkland Lovelady, BA ’09, of San Antonio. Cole’s brother is Cade, 4.

Bennett Anthony Macri, born Jan. 5 to Alisha Macri, MA ’11, and Anthony Macri of St. Johns, FL. Bennett’s sister is Maggie, 2.

Julia Eve Martella, born Nov. 21, 2020, to Jordan Barlow Martella, BSEd ’15, MSEd ’16, and Capt. Zack Martella of Lansing, KS. Grandparents are Deleslynn Barlow, ABC, and Chuck Barlow, ABC, of Brandon, MS.

Madeleine Marie Metcalf- Doetsch, born Jan. 7 to Eric Metcalf-Doetsch, BS ’12, and Melissa Metcalf-Doestch, BA ’12, in Houston.

Efi Penelope Miller, born Nov. 16, 2020, to Nathan Miller, BA ’05, and Chrysanthi Miller of Southlake, TX.

Cecilia Ann Oberhelman, born Nov. 17, 2020, to Margaret Oberhelman, BS ’11, and Matthew Oberhelman, MDiv ’14, of Belton, TX.

Olivia-Mae Adanna Odi, born Feb. 17 to Kristin Camille Jones Odi, BS ’03, and Uchenna Odi of Houston.

Parker Elizabeth Orsborn, born May 2, 2020, to Lauren Orsborn, BBA ’10, and Patrick Orsborn of Little Elm, TX. Parker’s brother is Grant, 5.

Kyle Leon Ortiz, born Oct. 25, 2020, to Leon Ortiz, BBA ’07, and Sandra Ortiz, BA ’05, of Houston.

Wyatt Eric Praught, born March 25, 2020, to Collin Praught, BS ’10, and Emily Praught, BBA ’11 of Midland, TX. Wyatt’s sister is Ellie, 4.

Ford Thomas Purdy, born Feb. 10 to Meredith McMillian Purdy, BBA ’01, and Ross Purdy, BA ’94, MSEd ’08, of Houston. Ford’s sister is Sydney.

Leo Alexander Qourzal, born Nov. 12, 2020, to Anis Qourzal, BS ’07, MPH ’12, and Jessica Salter Qourzal, BA ’10, of Waco.

Holden Wilkie Rajaratnam, born Aug. 31, 2020, to Sammy Rajaratnam, BA ’14, JD ’19 and Megan Rajaratnam, BA ’14, BSN ’17, of Austin. Holden is the nephew of Priyanka Rajaratnam, BA ’10, and Preethi Rajaratnam, BA ’10.

Annie Jane Reed, born Oct. 20, 2020, to Amanda Molleur Reed, BA ’11, and Thomas Reed, BA ’11, MS ’12, of Austin. Annie’s sister Ruby is 3.

Barrett Steven Remark, born Sept. 21, 2020, to Mallory Rabold Remark, BBA ’14, and Adam Remark of Cleveland.

Omari Ryan Smith, born to Kimbrea Bruno Smith, BSN ’15, and Omari Smith of Dallas.

Abigail Francene Tamlyn, born May 1, 2020, to Jessica Tamlyn, BA ’12, BSN ’14, and Carter Tamlyn, BA ’12, of Dallas. Abigail’s brother Beckett is 3.

Charlotte Turner, born Feb. 8 to Meredith Wierick Turner, BA ’06, and Greg Turner of Houston. Charlotte is the great-granddaughter of Sylvia Hobbs Wierick, BA ’65, of Tyler, TX.

Hadley Jean Vandracsek, born April 29, 2020, to Laszlo Vandracsek, BS ’10, and Caroline Witt Vandracsek, BS ’11, BSN ’15, of Rockwall, TX. Hadley is the niece of Courtney Witt Vince, BSFCS ’11, and the granddaughter of Cam Witt, BS ’82, DDS ’86, and Karen Kickliter Witt, BSN ’83.

John “Jack” Joseph Vehslage Jr., born March 26 to John Vehslage Sr., BBA ’14, and Marissa Ricci Vehslage, BBA ’16, of Dallas.

Davis Arthur Wall, born July 13, 2020, to Ashley Wieland Wall, BS ’08, and Jeffrey Wall of Austin.

Rachael Evelyn Williams, born Nov. 24, 2020, to David Williams, BS ’07 and Rebecca Williams.

Tyson Jamal Williams, born Feb. 5 to Terence Williams, BS ’18, and Courtney Roberson, BA ’20, of Dallas.

Brett Weaver Wommack, born Dec. 7, 2020, to Angela Wommack, BS ’08, and Paul Wommack, BBA ’08, of Waco.

Caleigh Rose Wright, born Jan. 14 to Kristen Wright, BBA ’08, and Thomas Wright, BS ’08, of Colorado Springs, CO. Caleigh’s brother is Carter, 4.