Bear Cub Corner

Levi Seibert Baker

Levi Seibert Baker, born July 22, 2020, to Joy Lord Baker, BA ’15, and Luke Baker, BS ’13, of Plano, TX. Levi’s first time around campus was when he was 2 months old. Sic ’em, Levi!

Hunter Graham Baughman

Hunter Graham Baughman, born July 21, 2020, to Matthew Baughman and Julie Danvers Baughman, BBA ’05, of Houston. Hunter is the nephew of Amy Danvers Johnson, BBA ’07, and Scott Danvers, BBA ’09.

David Hutton Bernsen

David Hutton Bernsen, born March 11, 2020, to Cade Bernsen and Meredith Moran Bernsen, BS ’07, of Beaumont, TX. Sisters are Channing, 5, and Chappell, 3. Hutton’s Baylor Line includes his mom, grandmothers, great-grandparents, countless other family members and continues back five generations.

Mark Jon Bull

Mark Jon Bull, born March 5, 2020, to Tyler Bull, BS ’12, and Samantha Bull, BA ’12, of Waco. 

Gabriel Elijah Carrasquillo

Gabriel Elijah Carrasquillo, born Oct. 1, 2020, to Manuel E. Carrasquillo, BA ’05, and Daisy J. Carrasquillo, BA ’09, of Anna, TX.

Juniper Rey Cavazos

Juniper Rey Cavazos, born Dec. 2, 2020, to Melissa Cavazoz, BS ’11 and John Cavazos, BA ’12, of Edmond, OK.

Charlie Joseph Chapa

Charlie Joseph Chapa, born Dec. 14, 2020, to Katie Chapa, BA ’16, and Matt Chapa, BA ’15, of San Antonio.

Jackson Jeffrey Ernst

Jackson Jeffrey Ernst, born Oct. 29, 2020, to Taylor Howard Ernst, BS ’17, and Jeffrey Ernst of Frisco, TX.

Beckham Knox Gebhart

Beckham Knox Gebhart, born March 22, 2020, to Ryan Gebhart, MHA ’13, and Natalie Rosato Gebhart, BS ’08, of Plano, TX. Proud sisters are Ellington, 4, and Tatum, 2.

HBryce Walter Hardwick

Bryce Walter Hardwick, born Aug. 18, 2020, to Brent Hardwick and Brittany Hardwick, BSEd ’10, of Waxahachie, TX. Grandparents are Kay and Doug Reid, BSEd ’81. Great-grandparents are Edna, BA ‘51, and Bryce Reid, BS ’51.

Peter Hugh Hendrickson

Peter Hugh Hendrickson, born May 27, 2020, to Hunter Hendrickson, BBA ’14, and Emily McWhirter Hendrickson, BBA ’15, of Arlington, TX. Aunt is Holly, BSEd ’12. Grandparents are Carey, BBA ’85, and Stacie Sanders Hendrickson, BSEd ’86. Great-grandparents are Hugh Sanders, BA ’57, and Rinky Sanders ’60.

Kenadon Hineni

Kenadon Hineni, born Oct. 14, 2020, to Dr. Jeff Smith, BS ’11, and Tamanda Smith, BS ’11, of Friendswood, TX. 

Cason Carand Hollingsworth

Cason Carand Hollingsworth, born April 23, 2019, to Janay Hollingsworth and Barry Baker, II. Cason’s pop-pop is Barry A. Baker, BS ’94.

Piper Margaret Nelson

Piper Margaret Nelson, born Oct. 6, 2020, to Mindy Melasky Nelson, BBA ’02, and Ryan Nelson of Dallas. Brother is Pierce, 2.

Miles Jay Peterson

Miles Jay Peterson, born July 22, 2020, to Ben Peterson, BS ’12, and Lauren Wicker Peterson, BS ‘13, of Dallas. Grandparents are Jay Wicker, BS ‘86, and Jana Just Wicker, BBA ‘87.

Theodore James Rogers

Theodore James Rogers, born Sept. 1, 2020, to Adrienne Rogers, BS ’12, and Zach Rogers, BBA ’12, of Houston. Zach was Baylor student body president as a senior.

Adaline Tucker

Adaline Tucker, born Nov. 5, 2020. to Colton Tucker, BBA ’16, and Klare Tucker, BBA ’16 of Kerrville, TX.