5 Things Prospective Students Want to Know

Baylor Admissions professionals give insight into their conversations with future Bears

Ross VanDyke
Ross VanDyke, B.A. ’03
Senior Director of Undergraduate Admissions
How is Baylor addressing COVID-19? 

Students are really encouraged when they learn about all that the University is doing to address COVID-19 and accommodate their different needs related to the virus. They’re impressed with the weekly COVID-19 testing and the range of course options from online to hybrid to in-person classes. The University’s approach of vigilance combined with efforts to allow for some normalcy to campus life really demonstrate the Baylor difference in tangible ways.

Ethan Cohen
Ethan Cohen, B.A. ’15
Assistant Director of Admissions Counseling
What is it like to live on campus?

Most of the students I work with want to go beyond a tour of the residence hall. They’ve done their homework and know that Baylor requires first-year students to live on campus, but they want to know how that will benefit them. We talk a lot about how living on campus helps them quickly establish community aided by Living & Learning Centers and resident chaplains. The data also show living on campus predicts better academic outcomes.

Nolan Bay
Nolan Bay, B.A. ’15
Admissions Coordinator
How does Baylor’s Christian mission impact the student experience?

Baylor’s Christian mission is at the heart of everything on campus. It’s important that prospective students know that they will have a range of opportunities to grow in their faith. From professors who pray with them in class to University Chapel, our faith is our bedrock. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you have been or where you are going, you can find a home here. Baylor is also a place where we truly want to meet students where they are. We want students to find their calling and grow in their own walk and understanding of the gospel while in pursuit of their academic goals.

Clarissa Talley
Clarissa Talley
Transfer Admissions Coordinator
What is student life like outside academics?

Prospective students are eager to experience life outside of the classroom, so I get a lot of questions about student life. They want to know what Greek life is like, what other organizations and activities are available to them, and how to get involved. With more than 300 student organizations at Baylor, there is something for everyone. I also field a lot of questions about Waco. We talk about the vibrancy of downtown and the Silo District, the amenities of Cameron Park and the array of local churches that all provide opportunities for engagement beyond campus.

Gabby LaRue
Gabby LaRue, B.A. ’12
Admissions Coordinator
What do students experience at athletic events?

Baylor’s successful athletic programs combined with vibrant traditions are hugely appealing to prospective students. Once they learn that students receive complimentary tickets to all regular season games, they’re pretty excited to join the Baylor Line to run onto the football field at McLane Stadium or cheer on the basketball teams at the Ferrell Center from the Bear Pit.