Stepping In, Helping Out

Stepping In, Helping Out

Food insecurity can affect a variety of individuals from different circumstances. A Baylor University-conducted survey indicates that nearly 25 percent of Baylor students face food insecurity or do not have reliable access to nutritious food.

In response to this survey, Baylor’s Faculty Senate pledged $3,000 to a Meal Card Scholarship in January created by The Store, an on-campus food pantry that provides nutritious, no-cost food to students. The scholarship funds 600 preloaded meal cards given to food-insecure students, allowing them to access the campus dining facilities. Within 24 hours of the launch of the fundraising efforts, generous faculty and staff exceeded the $3,000 goal.

More than $18,000 had been raised by the Jan. 31 end of the campaign. That amount will provide more than 3,600 meals for Baylor students.

Amazon Boxes
Parents, alumni and many others responded to an Amazon Wish List by sending more than 200 boxes filled with much-needed items to replenish The Store.

While the winter storms wreaked havoc across campus Feb. 15-22, The Store also experienced its highest usage ever, which meant after the ice and snow melted, the shelves would need to be restocked. With grocery stores empty, The Store posted an Amazon Wish List on Instagram and Facebook, and parents, alumni and many others responded in kind as more than 200 boxes filled with much-needed items arrived at The Store.

“We have been overwhelmed by the generosity during this time,” Michelle Cohenour, director of student success initiatives, said. “We put out a call for help and the Baylor Family heard the call and sent us food for our students. One of our students shared their thanks for the Baylor community through a note that read, ‘Thank you for keeping our bellies full and our hearts warm! Love, Baylor student body.’ We are thankful the Baylor Family helps our Store team meet this important need."