Alumni By Choice

Alumni by Choice

Welcome to our new Alumni by Choice. These members of the Baylor Family were nominated to become “official” Baylor alumni because of their love for and commitment to the University.

Sue and Larry Adamik 

Leslie Adams 

Karin Arnett 

Juan Arreola 

Shelley Barron 

Christy and Robert Basco 

Kelsey Boyd 

Becky and Carl Bradley 

Jean Brown 

Jeffrey “Owen” Brown 

Stephanie Brown 

Holli Brunsman 

Jimmy Callaway 

Lenda Callaway 

Kris Cherry 

Jana Dawes 

Niles Doerksen 

Jan Draving 

Deedra Dulcie 

Kimberly Farrell 

Jim Ferguson 

Jennifer German 

Phyllis and Richard Glass 

Carole Golden 

Henrietta “Ella” Gonzales 

Karen Gordon-Armstead 

Elise Griffin 

Gary Grisham 

Janet Hall 

Leslie and Phillip Hassell 

Virginia and Robert Haynes 

Patricia Hernandez 

Gregory Horton 

Christy Howard 

Patricia Hoxworth 

Erika Huerta 

George Huerta 

Beth Hultquist 

Christine Hurley 

Holly Jessup 

Paul Keiper 

James Kutz 

Donald Lawrence 

Annie Lewis 

Mary Beth Light 

Larry Little 

Salod Luke 

Alycia McCormack 

Justin Mendoza 

Richard Mooney 

Betsy Murphy 

Carol Nelson 

Luci Neumann 

Susie Norris 

Stephanie O’Dell 

Axel Palomino 

Jerry Parks 

Tyler Pate 

Allison Payne 

Jana Pool 

Tyler Pope 

Trisha Price 

Amy and Mack Rhoades

Katrina Rooney 

Kathyleen Roper 

Jose Salinas 

Debbie Sherman 

Larry Shuman 

Barbara Spitzer 

Alan Stein 

Brian Sullivan 

David Towle 

Manuel Vieira 

Katie Wilkins 

Ann Williamson 

Patricia Woodrich 

Elizabeth Workman 

Howard York 

Ruben Zapata 

Doreen Zimmer

Alumni by Choice nominations may be made by any member of the Baylor Family by completing the online nomination form with a description of how the nominee reflects a commitment to the Baylor mission. The nomination form is available on the Baylor Alumni website ( and may be submitted throughout the year. Recipients of the Alumni by Choice award are honored each year at a ceremony where they are presented an official Alumni by Choice decree.