Why I Give: Messages from Our Donors

When giving online, donors have the option to share with others why they chose to give to Baylor. Here are a few recent comments:

My time at Baylor was transformational! I met wonderful people, grew in my faith and received a great education. Mrs. (Pearl) Beverly was instrumental in my success at Baylor. She has been a true blessing for myself and the multitude of other students that have been blessed to know her! 

-BRODERICK LEAKS, Class of 2002

I was only able to go to Baylor because I received scholarships, both endowed and private, so I want to always be able to give back to Baylor students who face financial difficulties being able to stay at Baylor for all  four years.

-JINOHN WEKESSER, Class of 2003

I’ve been meaning to do it since I graduated, but haven’t been able to do it until now. I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to attend Baylor. Loved my time there and hope that my donation can impact the experience of another person.

-MODUPEOLA THOMAS, Class of 2014 

The education I received at Baylor, the experience I gained there as a research and teaching assistant and later as a full-time lecturer and the friendships I made with students and faculty all profoundly affected my life and laid the groundwork for my personal and professional success. I could not have afforded to attend if not for my National Merit Scholarship, so I feel moved every year to “pay it forward” in good and bad financial times.

-KEITH ROWLEY, Class of 1985