Robert T. Rhodes, JD ’80, Aug. 14 in Fort Worth.

Martha S. Davis, JD ’81, Aug. 8 in Altoona, PA.

Thomas L. Davis, BBA ’81, JD ’82, Oct. 22 in Dallas.

Kenneth W. Watson, BBA ’81, Sep. 24 in Waco.

Ann M Blackstock, BS ’82, passed away February 14th in a Houston hospital. Ann graduated from Lufkin High School in 1978 and Baylor University in 1982. She lived in Dallas most of her adult life.  After retiring from Verizon, she found her passion teaching elementary special needs children. Ann loved traveling and scuba diving, but most of all she loved her rescue dogs. Ann was a Kappa Kappa Gamma while at Baylor. She was past president of the Kappa Alumni Association in Arlington. Survivors include her sister Beth Blackstock Brown (class of 1979) & husband, Bob and her two nephews, Pearson Brown (class of 2016) and Keaton Brown.

Jean H. Aki, MBA ’84, September 10 in Hastings, MI.

Lester J Daigle, BS ’85, of Orange, TX, Aug. 16. Les was a proud Baylor boy and loved to watch Baylor on the weekend football games.  He was a super big brother and I know I have not reached all of his friends that would like to have the information about him.

Roy M. Hill, JD ’85, Oct. 15 in Waco.

Gladstone A. Knight, MA ’87, Aug. 12 in Waco.

Jon M. Wallace, BBA ’87, Aug. 15 in Weatherford, TX.

Kathleen S. Smith, JD ’89, Sep. 28 in El Paso, TX.

Christopher L. Elliott, JD ’90, Sep. 17 in Austin.

Stephen Paul Hollar, BS ’90, May 8 in Kansas City

Brent K. Trammel, BBA ’92, Sep. 19 in Plano, TX.

Mark E. Beach, ’94, Sep. 17 in Switzerland.

Douglas P. Gast, MA ’01, Aug. 2 in Kennewick, WA.

Dustin E. Moon, BBA ’01, MAcc ’01, Oct. 12 in Waco.

Linda C. Valentine, EdD ’01, Sep. 16 in Cleveland, TX.

Meredith Lindsey Woods, BA ’11, of Dallas, Aug. 31 2015.