Bear Cub Corner

Elliott August Hansen Bachman

Emma Marie Anfenson, born July 11, 2020, to Dave Anfenson, M.Div ’13, and Chelsea Anfenson of St. Cloud, MN.

Elliott August Hansen Bachman

Elliott August Hansen Bachman, born May 20, 2020, to Darcy Hansen, BA ’97, and Justin Bachman of Carrollton, TX. Brother and sister are Nils, 7, and Nora, 5. 

Levi Seibert Baker

Levi Seibert Baker, born July 22, 2020, to Joy Baker, BA ’15, and Luke Baker, BS ’13, of Plano, TX. 

Leland James Berger

Leland James Berger, born Aug. 2, 2020, to Kaila Jurado Berger, BBA ’13, and John Berger of Chicago.

Giannah Bernal

Giannah Bernal, born June 9, 2020, to Sonny Bernal, BS ’12, and Bianca Bernal of El Paso. Siblings are Abigail, 4, and Lillian, 3.

Lillian Bernal

Lillian Bernal, born June 2, 2017, to Sonny Bernal, BS ’12, and Bianca Bernal of El Paso. Siblings are Abigail Bernal, 4, and Giannah Bernal, 1 month.

Jax Kyree BoClair

Jax Kyree BoClair, born May 3, 2020, to Ele Moroz, BS ’19, and Tyree BoClair, BS ’14, of Waco.

Hugo Rhys Brunello

Hugo Rhys Brunello, born March 20, 2020, to Jordan Katz Brunello, MSW ’17, and Dan Brunello of Cherry Hill, NJ. Big sister is Camille.

Mark Jon Bull

Mark Jon Bull,born March 5, 2020, to Tyler Bull, BS ’12, and Sami Bull, BA ’12, MS ’14, of Waco.

Grayson Lee Campbell

Grayson Lee Campbell, born Aug. 24, 2020, to Travis Campbell, BA ’12, and Olivia Campbell of Fort Worth.

Lincoln Thomas Chaney

Lincoln Thomas Chaney, born May 1, 2020, to Dr. Andrew Chaney, BS ’12, and Kristen Chaney, BS ’13, of Waco. Sister Addie is 2.

Henrik Ekstrom

Henrik Ekstrom, born Sept. 21, 2020, to Anne Ekstrom, BA ’12, Mikael Ekstrom of Newton, KS.

Taron Dean Fleming

Taron Dean Fleming, born April 20, 2020, to Evan Fleming, M.Div ’20, and Lorien Fleming of Victoria, TX. Grandfather is Jay Fleming, BA ’83.

Deacon Jack Fry

Deacon Jack Fry, born Feb. 10, 2020, to Elizabeth Fry, BS ’13, and Ryan Fry of Garland, TX.

Eleanor Adara Gibson

Eleanor Adara Gibson born Sept. 17, 2020, to Kirby Gibson, BS ’14 and Kristopher Gibson of Edmond, OK.

Caleb Fredrick Ginn

Caleb Fredrick Ginn born March 18, 2020, to Charlie Ginn, BA ’11, JD ’13, and Catherine Cook Ginn, BA ’10, JD ’12, of Lucas, TX. Grandparents are Baron Cook, BBA ’80, Lisa Pence Cook, BBA ’82, John Ginn, BBA ’86, JD ’89, and Eydie McDowell Ginn, BS ’87.

Tera Jenifer Haeuser

Tera Jenifer Haeuser, born May 8, 2020, to Taylor Haeuser, JD ’18, and Ryan Haeuser of Waco.

Alexandria James “AJ” Jacobsen

Alexandria James “AJ” Jacobsen, born July 22, 2020, to Ty Jacobsen, BBA ’07, and Kelly Jacobsen of Houston.

Lincoln Max Jamison

Lincoln Max Jamison, born Aug. 8, 2020, to Anna Jamison, BS ’13, and Gabe Jamison, BS ’14, of Orchard, WA.

Declan Riker Johnston-Cothren

Declan Riker Johnston-Cothren, born Aug. 26, 2020, to Kimberly Johnston, BA ’14, and Thomas Cothren. Grandma is Vicki Boudreaux Johnston, BA ’88.

Kali Grace Kaufmann

Kali Grace Kaufmann, born April 22, 2020, to Kristin Kali Kaufmann, BA ’15, and Brady Kaufmann. Grandparents are Jerry Smithey and Jeanette Smithey, Nell Kaufmann, BA ’85, and Mike Kaufmann. Great-grandparent is Marion Burleson, BA ’62. Great-great-grandmother was Kathryn Spencer, BA ’28.

Addison Grace Kent

Addison Grace Kent, born Oct. 16, 2020, to Annie Vatterott Kent, BS ’17, and Brandon Kent, BBA ’17 of New Orleans.

Hattie Kay Lang

Hattie Kay Lang, born Jan. 23, 2020, to John “Chris” Lang, BS ’08, MBA ’10, and Caitlyn Trice Lang, BS ’11, of Houston. Grandparents are E.L. “Jack” Trice, BS ’81, MS ’83, Cindi Brickey Trice, BBA ’81, William Greendyke, BS ’76, JD ’79, Linda Gauntt Greendyke, BBA ’77, Steve Lang, BS ’76, MS ’78, and Jill Lang.

Cameron Augusta Lyons

Cameron Augusta Lyons, born June 11, 2020, to Nicholas Lyons, BA ’11, and Christine Lyons of Walla Walla, WA.

Jesse Robert Milam

Jesse Robert Milam, born March 6, 2020, to Diana Milam, BS ’10, and Ben Milam of Fort Worth.

llis James Miller

Ellis James Miller, born July 7, 2020, to Allyson Powell Miller, BA ’16, and Corey Miller of Lorena, TX.

Maya Shae Miranda

Maya Shae Miranda, born June 11, 2020, to Dr. Tony Miranda, MDiv ’15, DMin ’18, and Daleth Miranda of Corpus Christi, TX.

Grady Hank Mitchell

Grady Hank Mitchell, born May 3, 2020, to Morgan Canclini-Mitchell, BBA ’09, and Thomas David Mitchell of Nashville, TN. Grady is the nephew of Rachel Canclini Kettle, BBA ’11, and he shares a birthday with Morgan’s best friend and Tri Delta big Joanna Browne Sariles, BBA ’08.

Ian James Niemi

Ian James Niemi, born Jan. 17, 2020, to Shivonne Hanks Niemi, BBA ’05, and Jon Niemi of Dallas.

Elliott Eric Owens

Elliott Eric Owens, born March 18, 2020, to Alera Owens, BS ’13, and Jeremy Owens.

Knox Alexander Owens

Knox Alexander Owens born May 20, 2020, to Judah Owens, BS ’11, and Lacy Owens. Maternal grandparents are Dr. Sam Adams, BA ’86, and Julie Williams Adams, BA ’87. Knox is nephew to Emma Adams, BA ’19, and Andrew Adams, class of ’24.

Emery Collins Rodgers

Emery Collins Rodgers, born June 8, 2020, to Matt Rodgers, BA ’07, MS ’12, and Sarah Collins Rodgers, BS ’07, of Waco. Big brothers are Grayson, Rhett, and Hayes.

Isla Ann Roldan

Isla Ann Roldan, born June 15, 2020, to Wyatt Roldan, MAcc ’11, and Holly Bomgaars Roldan, BBA ’11, of Richardson, TX.

Elanor Sophia Rose

Elanor Sophia Rose, born March 24, 2020, to Andrew Rose, BBA ’10, and Emily Moore Rose, BA ’11, MS ’13, of Seattle.

Owen Thomas Rutledge

Owen Thomas Rutledge, born June 6, 2020, to Kevin Rutledge, BBA ’14, and Amanda Anderson Rutledge of Fort Worth. Grandparents are Tom Rutledge, BBA ’86, and Susan Rosane Rutledge, BBA ’86. Grandparents are Walt Fair, JD ’85, and Denise Fair.

Riley June Sandstrom

Riley June Sandstrom, born April 6, 2020, to Monica Sandstrom, MS ’13, and Sid Sandstrom of Tacoma, WA. Sisters are Bailey, 5, and Ruby, 3.

Saiysha Shah

Saiysha Shah, born Nov. 26, 2019, to Nish Shah, BA ’08, and Sujana Shah. 

Everett Russell Sileo

Everett Russell Sileo, born Feb. 6, 2020, to Paul Sileo, BA ’06, and Dr. Amanda Sileo, BA ’06, of St. Louis. Siblings Ethan, 7, and Emerson, 4.

Gavin Lawrence Lee Simpson

Gavin Lawrence Lee Simpson, born April 27, 2020, to Vanessa M Simpson, BA ’11, MSW ’13, and Robert L. Simpson of Northlake, TX.

Blair Smarinsky

Blair Smarinsky, born June 20, 2020, to Dr. Brent Smarinsky, BS ’04, and Caroline Smarinsky of Dallas.

Breck David Smith

Breck David Smith, born Nov. 23, 2019, to Tim Smith, BBA ’11, and Hillary Smith, BBA ’12, of Fort Worth.

Sloane Becker Summersett

Sloane Becker Summersett, born July 15, 2020, to Lauren Summersett, BS ’10, and Andrew Summersett, BBA ’10, of Castle Rock, CO. Big sisters are Haven and Monroe.

Reed Caleb Thompson

Reed Caleb Thompson, born Jan. 8, 2020, to Jennifer Thompson, BBA ’10, and Ryan Thompson in London.

Victor Kobe Ted Valenzuela

Victor Kobe Ted Valenzuela, born July 15, 2020, to Victor Valenzuela, BA ’08, and Beverly Valenzuela of Fort Worth.

Madeleine Marie Vera

Madeleine Marie Vera, born June 23, 2020, to Kristie Vera, BA ’09, and Joe Vera of Waxahachie, TX. Brother is Luke, 2.

Aliza Leighann Walters

Aliza Leighann Walters, born Sept. 28, 2020, to Kristy Hartley Walters and Wayne Walters of Trenton, TX. Eighth grandchild to Karen Gilbert Hartley, BBA ’83. Family members include uncle Paul Gilbert, BA ’78, aunt Frances Yeagar Gilbert, BS ’97, and great-grandparents Larry Gilbert, BA ’54, and Dorothea Malone Gilbert, BA ’53.

Allison Marie Wertz

Allison Marie Wertz, born April 27, 2020, to Allan Wertz, BS ’08, and Clair Wertz of Houston.

Madelyn Jane Whittington

Madelyn Jane Whittington, born Sept. 10, 2020, to Deanna Dempsey Whittington, BS ’11, and Forrest Whittington of Frisco, TX.  Grandparents are Don Dempsey and Cindy Behr Dempsey, BBA ’76. Aunt is Jennifer Dempsey, BBA ’06.

Samuel Patrick Wilkinson

Samuel Patrick Wilkinson, born July 1, 2020, to Michael Wilkinson, BSME ’07, and Amanda Wilkinson of Beavercreek, OH.

Jett Wesley Williams

Jett Wesley Williams, born Aug. 20, 2020, to Jennifer Williams, BA ’00, and Harold Williams of Corinth, TX. Grandmother is Janet Barger, MS ’82. Brother is West, 4.

Luka Lee Williams

Luka Lee Williams, born Sept. 13, 2019, to Ashley Williams, BS ’10, of Dallas. 

Hudson James York

Hudson James York, born June 9, 2020, to Lauren Butler York, BA ’05, and Tad York of Waco.

Miles Gandy Zimmerman

Miles Gandy Zimmerman born May 11, 2020, to William Zimmerman, MAcc ’11, and Marcy Zimmerman of Dallas. Siblings are Willa, 3, and Jeff, 2.