Those who can, do and teach

Priscilla Shih
Patricia Shih
Patricia Shih, who serves as an associate professor of violin in Baylor’s School of Music, continues to perform internationally as a violinist with the highly regarded Borealis String Quartet. Her career has taken her to such stages as Carnegie Hall in New York and London’s Wigmore Hall as she performed with such leading orchestras as the Royal Philharmonic in England and the Mexico National Symphony. Shih has more than fulfilled the prodigious talent she showed as a child, when she gave her first public performance at the age of four.

While performing continues to be an important part of her career, she also values her opportunity to teach the next generation of violinists.

“From my experiences in the different genres as a musician… I discovered that teaching is an integral part of who I am and what I find to be extremely rewarding,” Shih said. “I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to pass on knowledge and discipline I’ve acquired from my legendary teachers and to be able to continue the lineage and mentor young talents. It’s the inspiration I receive, witnessing the students’ capability to expand and to watch a student grow, not just as a musical artist, but as a human being, as they’re so intertwined.” 

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