Called to Teach

A collection of reflective essays from nearly two dozen Baylor faculty members was published in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the University’s Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL). Called to Teach was co-edited by ATL Director and Associate Professor Dr. J. Lenore Wright, MA ’95, and Associate Director Dr. Christopher J. Richmann, PhD ’15.

Faculty from a variety of disciplines penned the essays, which reflect on what led them to answer the call to teach. Dr. Robert Baird, BA ’59, MA ’61, Master Teacher, professor emeritus of philosophy (retired 2014); Dr. D. Thomas Hanks, Master Teacher, professor of English (retired 2017); Dr. T. Laine Scales, Master Teacher, professor of social work; and Dr. Mona Choucair, senior lecturer and director of civic learning and engagement, were among the 21 contributors.

“I would say that to teach students to live the critical life of the mind without being paralyzed by doubt; to teach students to acknowledge ambiguity without being overwhelmed by uncertainty; to teach them to live with an open and tolerant spirit without sacrificing personal commitment to what one believes, after careful reflection, to be true and good and beautiful is Baylor’s intellectual heritage.”
–Dr. Robert Baird
“Baylor’s Intellectual Heritage,” Called to Teach