Compassionate Class Project

A Journey Toward Hope

In 2017, Baylor launched a series of social innovation labs that teamed students and professors to research and design interventions addressing some of the world’s most complex issues. A Journey Toward Hope (Six Foot Press), a children’s book by Honors College professor Victor Hinojosa, BA ’96, and Coert Voorhees, grew out of one such initiative focused on child migration in the Western Hemisphere.

Over the past six years, 850,000 children and families have migrated from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to the U.S. seeking asylum, according to Hinojosa. More than a quarter are children and youth who traveled alone.

 “Our students were immediately inspired by these children,” Hinojosa said. “This project came from two impulses: the desire to tell the stories of these children to a wide audience, and the desire for these courageous child refugees to see themselves represented. Our students believed that if others knew what they knew about this crisis, they would want to help, too.”

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