Bear Cub Corner

Georgia Ruth Anderson born June 4, 2019, to Chelsey and Cameron Anderson, BS ’19, of Waco. “Georgia was due only five days after my graduation from Baylor, but she was born almost two weeks late. It was a very exciting month for my family!” Cameron writes.

William Charles Benton born Nov. 18, 2019, to Emily and Matthew Benton, BFA ’07, of Spring, TX. William is nephew to Shene’ VanBlarcum Benton, BSEd ’03, and Andy Benton, MDiv ’05. 

Hattie Belle Bradley born Jan. 12 to Dr. Calvin, BS ’09, and Jenna Przybyla Bradley, BSFCS ’15, of McGregor, TX.

Ethan Alexander Carrier born Nov. 13, 2019, to Nancy and Ben Carrier, BBA ’14, of Houston.

Jane Lynn Corley born Nov. 12, 2019, to Katy and Grant Corley, BBA ’11, of Dallas.

Leonidas Scott Dunson born April 3, 2019, to Phil and Laura Devers Dunson, BSN ’13, of Richardson, TX. The Dunsons are expecting another baby Bear to arrive in July.

Gentry Lee Greatens born Dec. 3, 2019, to Matt Greatens and Keri Lynne Jackman, BA ’06, of Houston. Big sister, Blakely Dee Spikerman, is 5.

Luke Rhett Heimbuch born Sep. 16, 2019, to Aaron and JazzMarie “Jazzy” Matzdorff Heimbuch, BBA ’11, of Dallas.

Peter Daniel Huizinga born Feb. 3 to Madeleine and Daniel Huizinga, BBA ’15, of Washington, DC. Contact at

Eloise Kendall Hull born March 17 to Brian and Jerusha Brown Hull, BA ’08, of Falls Church, VA. Big sister is Anastasia.

Julianne Ruth Jeffcoat born March 9, 2019, to Drew, BBA ’08, and Erica Mooney Jeffcoat, BA ’09, of Kingwood, TX. Siblings are Patrick, 5, and Evelyn, 3.

Owen Patrick Jensen born May 13, 2019, to Ryan and Ashley Sewell Jensen, BSW ’13, of Katy, TX.

Laura Scout Jochens born Jan. 23, 2019, to Mark, BSME ’11, and Laura Karban Jochens, BA ’12, of Denver. She is a sixth-generation Bear and a direct descendent of Dr. Rufus C. Burleson. Contact at

Brewer Banks Johnson born Oct. 9, 2019, to Justin and Ashleigh Whiteman Johnson, BA ’04, of Colleyville, TX. “This future Bear made it home from the hospital just in time to watch Charlie Brewer and company win the Homecoming game in double overtime! Sic ’em, forever!” Ashleigh writes.

James Daniel Johnson born July 26, 2019, to Daniel, BSCS ’11, and Sierra Bryson Johnson, BA ’12, of Frisco, TX.

Margaret Johnson born Feb. 21 to Samuel, BM ’15, MM/MDiv ’19, and Brianna Price Johnson, BA ’16, MS ’18, of Waco.

Aloysius David Livezey born Jan. 24 to Tyler and Shannon Landry Livezey, BSFCS ’16, of Cayce, SC. Brother is Modesto James Livezey.

Kai Ozzy Lynch born Jan. 31 to Grant and Ashlie Young Lynch, BA ’08, of Midlothian, TX.

Margeaux Brooke Minx born Sept. 20, 2019, to Jay and Alexandra Cantrell Minx, BBA ’11, of Richardson, TX. Uncle and aunt are Hayden, BBA ’13, and Casey Cantrell McClelland, BA ’14. Grandparents are Mark, BBA ’82, and Brenda Bohannan Cantrell, BA ’82.

Jack Preston Murrah born Sept. 22, 2019, to Kyle and Jennifer Groves Murrah, BA ’10, MS ’12, of Hilliard, OH. Jack is the sixth grandchild of Pamela Groves, BS ’79.

Asher Overton O’Brien born Feb. 14 to Adam, BSEd ’08, and Mallory Pacholick O’Brien, BSFCS ’09, of Houston. Sister Quinn is 3. Grandparents are Tommy, BS ’72, and Susan Means O’Brien, BSFCS ’73.

Baylor Anne Pipes born Feb. 10 to Allison and Justin Pipes, BBA ’14, of Nashville, TN.

Ava Marie Rogers born Feb. 14 to Nathan, BA ’12, and Ali Croom Rogers, BA ’13, MA ’15, of Houston.

Harrison Wyatt Smith born March 24 to Gina and Chad Smith, BBA ’07, of McKinney, TX. 

Felicity Jillian Stone born Oct. 6, 2019, to Jillian and Aaron Stone, BA ’05, of Hesperia, CA.

Zachary David Taylor born Dec. 22, 2019, to Alyssa and Dr. Travis Taylor, BSI ’03, of San Antonio. Brothers are Thomas, 9, and Timothy Daniel, 7. Contact at

Noah John Walker born Nov. 17, 2019, to Kyle, BM ’14, and Kristen Pool Walker, BSEd ’14, of Gilbert, AZ. Noah is their second child.

Kathryn Grace Walter born Jan. 23 to Lowell, BSME ’11, and Elizabeth Horton Walter, BSEd ’11, of Waco.