Margaret Ann Lee Gilbert, BA ’49, of Paducah, TX, reports that she, along with her former Baylor roommates Joy Meador, BA ’49, of Dallas and Louise Cannon, BS ’49, of Granbury, TX, are “healthy, happy and driving.” Here she is pictured with members of her family, which boasts four Baylor graduates. “My husband Billy loved Baylor more than I do, and that is a lot! I received my master’s degree and taught math for almost 30 years, but my pride and joy is my family!” she writes. 

Dr. Thomas Edwin Cook, BS ’50, MD ’52, opened Allergy/WellBaby Clinic in Pusa Baptist Hospital Korea during more than five years there. He spent many years in locations such as Gaza and Honduras for the Journeymen Program for the Southern Baptist Convention. He recently attended the Jeffries gathering at First Baptist Church Dallas. His son Thomas E. Cook Jr., BBA ’79, from Cancer Care Clinics all over Tennessee, is retired after living in South and Central America. Ed’s wife Bobbie Joyce Cravey, BA ’47, died in 2004. Contact at 1 Tower Park Ln #208, San Antonio, TX 78209 or tedwincook@hctc.net.

Rev. Robert M. Cash, BA ’53, preached his final sermon at Union Baptist Church in Washington County, GA, Sept. 8, 2019, culminating 62 years of pastoral ministry. There, Cash also was lauded for his mission work in Ghana. With Eatonton as home base, he served a multitude of Baptist churches throughout middle Georgia and most recently pastored for more than 14 years at Union Baptist. Cash and his wife of 67 years, Pauline, have three children, including Bob Cash, BM ’86. Contact at rmcpcc3032@bellsouth.net.

Beverly Fife Denny, BA ’53, of Frisco, TX, had a great time at the 2019 Baylor Homecoming game victory over Texas Tech. Denny’s daughter Anne Alaimo, BBA ’89, recorded her mother grooving to the Baylor beat and uploaded it on Twitter. The video amassed tens of thousands of views on social media. With Baylor Facebook pages following suit, Denny has become a viral sensation among the Baylor community. She attends almost every football game and other events Baylor events. According to the Baylor Lariat, she witnessed the construction of Armstrong Browning Library as a sophomore dorm resident in 1950, and she sang in the first Baylor Sing in 1953. 

Cotton Davidson, BS ’54, was featured in the Waco Tribune-
s Aug. 14, 2019, issue. Now the oldest living former Oakland Raider at age 87, Davidson was quarterback for the team when Oakland Coliseum opened in 1966. The Raiders will soon move to Las Vegas. Davidson is pictured with his wife Carolyn, ’54, and Oakland Raiders Coach Jon Gruden before a preseason game (Wayland Corgill photo).

Dr. Patrick Beckham, BA ’57, MD ’61, retired after 48.5 years of practice in Austin doing plastic and reconstructive surgery. He co-founded Austin Smiles, a volunteer travel team for repair of cleft lip and cleft palate in Mexico and Central America. He has been on 32 surgery missions. Beckham also was instrumental in starting a Christian orphanage in Vietnam while serving the Air Force as a surgeon in the 1960s. This resulted in the escape and placement of 80-plus children into the Buckner orphan’s home in Dallas. Contact at 1212 Havre Lafitte Drive, Austin, TX 78746 or phbeckham@gmail.com.

Bill Glass, BA ’57, a former Baylor All-American and NFL defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, returned to his alma mater to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his successful prison ministry Behind the Walls. Bill Glass Ministries hosted the 50th anniversary gala Aug. 17 in the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium. The event featured special guest speaker Roger Staubach and many other football legends and entertainers. Additionally, Glass participated in the coin toss and was an honorary team captain for Baylor’s 2019 season opener against Stephen F. Austin.

 Herbert and Nell Johnson, BA ’58, of Fort Worth created The Herbert H. and Nell T. Johnson Endowed Fund for The Texas Collection at Baylor Libraries. The fund supports The Texas Collection, which is a special collections library that focuses on materials related to Texas.