Bear Cub Corner

Lynnette Lea Bedford born Sept. 26, 2019, in San Antonio to Philip and Rachel Robinson Bedford, BS ’13.

Kennedy Rose Blackshear born July 17, 2019, to Samantha and Beau Blackshear, BA ’15, of Woodway, TX.

Weston Henry Buerkle born June 25, 2019, to Megan and Richard Buerkle, BM ’02, MDiv/MM ’05, of Knoxville, TN.

Lucy Carolyne Burleson born May 18, 2019, to Kristi and Jim Burleson, BBA ’06, of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Katherine Bell Carvey born Sept. 19, 2019, to Patrick, BBA/MAcc ’05, and Candis Jones Carvey, ’06, of Austin. Siblings are Will and Hallie.

Emilee Juliette Chang born Sept. 20, 2019, to Joshua, BSEd ’11, and Paulina Do Chang, BSEd ’11, of Edmond, OK.

Moustapha Mademba Diene born Aug. 24, 2019, to Fatima and Mamadou Diene, BA ’08, of Waco.

Julian Carter Fair born July 20, 2019, to Sanchez and Megan Holt Fair, BA ’07, of Charlotte, NC.

Valor True Frank born May 8, 2109, to Mitchell Laurence Frank, BSME ’13, and Courtney Carameros Frank, BBA ’13, of Houston. Brother Ellis Strong Frank is 2.

Amberly Grace Hart born June 7, 2019, to Cory, BS ’13, and Ashley Hall Hart, BS ’14, of Houston. 

Ryan James Hollomon born May 5, 2019, to Randall, BBA ’12, and Molly Dunn Hollomon, BA ’13, of Houston. Grandparents are Scott, BBA ’81, and Kathy Hollomon, BBA ’81. Great grandparents are Bess and Roy S. Hollomon, BA ’56.

Seth Edward Hunter Jr. born Aug. 10, 2019, to Seth Hunter and Jennifer Ochoa, BS ’09, of Houston.

Sawyer Carter Johnson born Aug. 28, 2019, to Carter, BBA ’11, and Stephanie Blackburn Johnson, BA ’10, of Houston.

Evan Daniel and Owen Lucas Kane born Sept. 9, 2019, to Alex Kane, BA ’08, MHA ’19, and Maria Gutierrez, BA ’08, MS ’09, of Pearland, TX.

Rilian Lloyd Kent born Sept. 17, 2019, to Rachel and Blake Kent, MA ’15, PhD ’18, of Boston. Great-grandparents are Nelda Guice Kent, ’48, and Harry Kent, ’48 (deceased).

Katelyn Leigh Kimmel born March 3, 2019, to James, BM ’08, MM ’10, and Christen Zbranek Kimmel, BMEd ’10, of Carrollton, GA. Sister Elizabeth is 4. Niece to Clint Kimmel, BM ’12, and Kimberly Zbranek Holman, BS ’13.

Quinn Lexi Kimmell born March 12, 2019, to Mindi and Michael Kimmell, BSME ’09, of Dallas. Grandparents are Chet and Kimberly Ford Kimmell, BBA ’80.

Kinsler Lance King born Sept. 18, 2019, to Kaygan and Jonathan King, BA ’08, of Lubbock, TX.

Emily Rose Kresta born Sept. 12, 2019, in Springfield, MO, to James and Laura Sollock Kresta, BS ’07. Big sister is Emma James Kresta.

Juliet Nova McDanel born Aug. 29, 2019, to Tyler Barnes McDanel, BA ’09, and Giovanna Reed McDanel, BBA ’10, of Austin.

Samuel Steven David Myers born Aug. 16, 2019, to Christopher Steven and Amber Nicole Lehman Myers, MSW ’10, MDiv ’12, of Brandon, SD.

Emery Natividad born June 19, 2019, to Abby and Ross Natividad, BA ’10, MA ’12, of Fort Worth. Aunt is Ellise Natividad, BS ’05.

Catherine Carter Neill born Aug. 23, 2019, to Drew, BBA/MAcc ’10, and Ashley Anderson Neill, BBA ’10, of Fort Worth. Big sister Caroline is 2. Niece to Alexis Davidson, ’12, and Sam Davidson ’13.

Mary-Caroline Nichols born Oct. 11, 2018, to Kip, BS ’13, and Anne-Claire Collins Nichols, BA ’12, of Little Elm, TX.

Kennedy Jade Pack born Dec. 2, 2018, to Kathlynn, ’14, and RJ Pack, BA ’11, of Aledo, TX.

Luke Chamberlain Perry born Oct. 17, 2019 to Abbie, BBA/MAcc ’12, and Stephen Perry, BBA/MAcc ’12, of Houston.

Hannah Louise Quinn born Sept. 30, 2018, to Kate and Nathan Quinn, BBA ’05, of Garland, TX. Sisters are Grace, 4, and Claire, 3.

Quinn Gray Roberts born Sept. 20, 2019, to Emily and Chris Roberts, BBA ’04, of Aledo, TX. Siblings are Harper and Cole. 

Charlotte Emily Ryan born Aug. 20, 2019, to Dr. Scott Ryan, BBA ’09, and Emily Benton Ryan, BA ’09, of Houston. Brothers are Nathan, Jack and Henry.

Jay Lawrence Sanders born June 2, 2018, to Trent and Rachel Smith Sanders, BA ’14, of Waco.

Mel August Taylor born Feb. 20, 2019, to Brent and Colleen Decker Taylor, BA ’13, of Spring, TX.

Henry Carter Teaff born Sept. 23, 2019, to Ty and Taylor Hodges Teaff, BBA ’10, of Waco.

Stella Lee Tenan born June 5, 2019, to Matthew and Crystal Brewster Tenan, BSEd ’08, MSEd ’10, of Raleigh, NC.

Collins Elizabeth Watten born Feb. 26, 2019, to Ashley and Trey Watten of Haslett, TX. Collins is the fourth grandchild for Rene and Steve Watten, BBA ’81, of Coppell, TX.

Olivia Jade Wendel born May 7, 2019, to Gregory and Brittany Gardner Wendel, BA’10, of Fort Worth.

Joel Alexander Zamzow born Sept. 18, 2019, to Corey, BA ’11, and Rachel Kressin Zamzow, BS ’10, of Waco.