Victor Morlan, BA ’60, of Cushing, OK, received his Eagle Scout Award and a congratulations letter from then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. When Morlan, a retired Baptist pastor, discovered a local youth (Tyler Hale) had earned his Eagle Scout Award, Morlan requested that President Donald J. Trump send a letter of congratulations to Hale, which he did. Contact Morlan at 2916 N. Dripping Springs Road, Cushing, OK 74023.

The late Dr. Nancy White, BS ’60, has a new scholarship in her name at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, TX, thanks to her husband Mr. Arlton White: The Nancy White, MD Nursing General Scholarship Fund. Dr. White worked for the City of Dallas at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center for 12 years before establishing her private practice in Dallas. She passed away in 2016.

Dr. Thomas Brandon, BA ’61, MD ’65, of Houston retired after practicing medicine for 54 years. He completed a psychiatry residency at Baylor Medical School in 1969 and is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Contact at 1982A Indiana, Houston, TX 77019 or trbandon@att.net.

Retired NASA rocket scientist David Alexander, BS ’62, of White Oak, TX, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, an event in which he played a key role. Alexander spent 32 years as an aerospace engineer and manager for NASA, developing most of the algorithms used in Apollo and helping Mission Control Center in Houston make critical decisions about landing and then staying on the moon. He was featured in the July 20 edition of the Longview News-Journal.

Thomas Harris, BA ’63, author of The Silence of the Lambs and other novels based on his most famous character, Hannibal Lecter, released a new book titled Cari Mora. The novel is about a Colombian refugee, giving him the chance to explore the plight of immigrants and refugees, especially in Miami, his adopted home for the last 30 years. A feature story on Harris appeared in the May 18 edition of The New York Times. It was his first significant interview since the mid-1970s.

Tom Freeman, BSEd ’64, was inducted into the Gulfport [MS] Sports Hall of Fame in June. He was Florida’s 1974 high school coach of the year. Freeman’s teaching career spanned 39 years in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. Contact at 18288 Mallard Drive, Saucier, MS 39574.

David Marx, BA ’64, of San Antonio was a member of the leadership team during the retreat of Air Force Village II Protestant Church, San Antonio, on grief: “To Grieve Well is to Live Well.” The retreat was held at the Bishop Jones Episcopal Retreat Center in May. Marx is a retired Navy chaplain. Contact at d.marx@sbcglobal.net.

Bette McFarren, ’65, was presented with the Sunshine Award at the La Junta [CO] Chamber of Commerce’s Wake Up, La Junta breakfast Tuesday morning. McFarren, who now works for the La Junta Tribune-Democrat was a dedicated special education teacher for 27 years, taught developmental English classes for years at the local community college, and has been a reporter and photographer.

Paul K. Harral, BA ’66, associate editor of the Fort Worth Business Press, wrote a personal column (July 5) about some of the standout memories from reporters who covered the Apollo 11 moon landing, including fellow UPI space writer Ed DeLong, BA ’65. DeLong, who lives in Australia, preceded Harral as editor of The Baylor Lariat and later was head of the wire service’s spaceflight bureau at NASA Houston.

Raymond Teske Jr., BA ’66, MA ’69, and Jane Mulsow Teske, ABC ’08, of Huntsville, TX, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 22. Their first date was the 1968 bonfire followed by the Baylor homecoming game the next day. Baylor defeated Texas A&M. Jane wore a Baylor mum and an outfit with Aggie colors. Raymond received a kiss regardless of who scored. On April 20, 1969, returning from Marlin, (where they had asked for her parents’ blessing) shortly after midnight, they went to Baylor where Raymond formally proposed, in the rain, on the steps of Pat Neff Hall. Contact at rteske@iteske.com.

Thomas Coker, BMEd ’67, received the Exemplary Leadership in Christian Music Award from Baylor at the 18th annual Alleluia Conference, hosted by the Baylor School of Music in July. Coker served in music ministry for 50 years, the last 25 years at South Main Baptist Church in Houston. The award is given annually to a Baylor graduate who has contributed uniquely and significantly to church music ministry.

Judy Kelly Hundley, BS ’67, MSEd ’80, of Moody, TX, writes, “From the time I was a freshman, I had the honor of twirling as a Golden Girl. During that time, there were many other young ladies I got to ‘work’ with, and it was work to put together the routines for each ball game. I would love for all of us who got to do this wonderful experience to see one another again. I can only remember a few names: Suzy Panke, Pat Carmack, Shirley Lawson, Brenda, Sylvia Moore, twins the year before I came, Marcia. How could I forget when our names were called out every single game? I live near Waco. I wish we could find each other again. And I thank Donald I. Moore to this day for the opportunity he gave me. Baylor was a huge reason for all of the opportunities I have had in my life. I am grateful for this amazing university.” Contact at dhundley26@aol.com.

John T. Williams BBA ’67, of Baltimore was appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan to the Board of Directors of the University of Maryland Medical System, which includes 13 hospitals and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Contact is johntollwms@gmail.com.

Preston Kirk, BA ’68, of Spicewood, TX, recalled his days as a Houston UPI reporter covering reactions to the historic 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing in a Waco Tribune-Herald article published July 19. Kirk joined other reporters in the front yard of astronaut Michael Collins’ house, assigned to cover the reaction Collins’ family had to the landing.