Felecia Mulkey

Felecia Mulkey
Felecia Mulkey

Head Acrobatics & Tumbling Coach

College athletics build school spirit and comradery. The most successful college athletics programs help to unify campus. Everyone loves to be on a team. 

At Baylor, our student-athletes are on a team, but all our students at the University are one big Baylor Line. 

We are all working toward excellence in our own areas of strength.

Baylor student-athletes have trained in a certain skill set, and they have a wonderful opportunity to showcase those skills and compete on behalf of the University. Our club sports and student groups also consist of Baylor Bears who showcase their talents and passions on behalf of the University. One big team.



“Our goal is more than winning games or meets. Our goal is to represent the University in a positive light in everything we do.”

Baylor is a closely connected campus community with a big-time Athletics Department. That’s one thing that makes our University so special: Student-athletes get an amazing student-athlete experience and an amazing academic experience at our beloved and academically rigorous University.

At Baylor, Athletics and the University have a great working relationship. This creates a truly special environment where everyone is working toward the same goal.

Athletics in general is often seen as a university’s “front porch.” Since athletics is highly visible on television, the news and social media, an Athletics Department does more than try to win games. Our student-athletes also make a difference in the community and put themselves out there, speaking well for Baylor. Our goal is more than winning games or meets. Our goal is to represent the University in a positive light in everything we do.

Baylor does a great job of making the student-athlete experience holistic. The experience being about more than winning is evident. For example, the Baylor Built program prepares champions for life in every way. This approach reflects positively to all of those associated with Baylor.

Our student-athletes also feel supported in the classroom. Our team has a little chat at the beginning of our practices where we discuss the day and get anything needed on the table. Often during those chats, they say, “I was in class today, and my professor was at our meet last night.” I appreciate the support that athletics gets from our campus community. Sometimes people don’t realize how much the support — even the little things — means to our student-athletes. I love that they are supported on all sides through the Athletics Department, through the campus experience, and through the best education at Baylor.

Many of our student-athletes go on life-changing mission trips. I love to hear their stories when they return. I love that our students represent Baylor within the local community and in other countries, taking the University’s mission near and far. Many student-athletes are surprised to find that they get back more than they give on these mission trips. It’s great that Baylor provides opportunities for experiences like that.

Baylor’s Christian identity is reflected in the athletics environment through acceptance and love. We are a faith-based institution with an incredible mission; our athletics mission and Baylor’s mission statement fit together seamlessly. Baylor’s Christian mission is about love and diversity, about bringing everyone in and putting our arms around them, and about showing them what it’s about to be a Baylor Bear. That part is really important to me.