Bear Cub Corner

Carson Joel Abernathy born April 24, 2018, to Daniel and Emily Phillips Abernathy, BBA ’11, MTax ’11, of Austin.

Elias Michael Acosta born Nov. 2, 2018, to Dr. Nick, BSEd ’09, and Yanin Gonzalez Acosta, BBA ’10, of Dallas. Grandparents are Dr. Danny, BS ’79, and Patricia Acosta, BSEd ’79, MSEd ’81.

Katerina Elizabeth Aldridge born June 13, 2018, to Bill, BA ’99, and Roxanne Bita Aldridge, BBA ’98, of Austin.

Anne Clare Alwine born Aug. 13, 2018, to Andrew, BA ’04, and Megan Forehand Alwine, BA ’05, of Charleston, SC. Sisters are
Elizabeth, 12, Charlotte, 10, Mary Catherine, 7, Eleanor, 5, and Margaret, 2.

Maya Luciana Avila born April 7, 2018, to David and Cecilia Carrazco Avila, BS ’06, of McAllen, TX. Sister is Emma Olivia Avila. Aunt is Juliana Cote, BS ’04.

Bennett George Bartels born Aug. 30, 2018, to Hollis and Bradley Bartels, BA ’10, of Fort Worth.

John William Bethards born Sept. 12, 2018, to Andrew and Sarah Tigner Bethards, BS ’09, of Little Rock, AR. Sister Caroline is 3.

Leon Bower born August 2017 and Felix Bower born September 2018 to John, BBA ’03, and Kasey Bower, BA ’07, of Dallas. Brother Jude is 6.

Baker Miles Brooks born Oct. 3, 2018, to Brandon, BBA ’12, and Sarah Staats Brooks, BSEd ’13, of North Richland Hills, TX.

Emma Raye Brown born Nov. 13, 2018, to Kevin, MAcc ’11, and Kacie Wall Brown, BA ’09, MSEd ’11, of Fort Worth. Brother Joshua is 3.

Daniel Elias Carrasquillo born Aug. 3, 2018, to Manuel E. Carrasquillo, BA ’05, and Daisy J. Carrasquillo, BA ’09, of Anna, TX. Brother Samuel is 1.  

Nicolas Andres Castano born June 6, 2018, to Ramiro, BA ’03, and Shanna Jenschke Castano, BFA ’02, of Houston.

Kenna Faye Evalynn Corwin born Sept. 15, 2018, to Christopher and Dr. Danielle Helton Corwin, BS ’09, of Indianapolis.

Weston Alan Crider born Aug. 22, 2018, to Keith, BBA ’95, and Beth Wise Crider, BBA ’03, of LaGrange Park, IL. Sisters are Kate, Allie and Caroline.

Reagan Kate Crofton born Jan. 9 to Paul and Megan Malouf Crofton, BA ’09, of Conroe, TX. Brother is Seth.

Landon George Crowe born Oct. 8, 2017, to Jason and Mindy Rendon Crowe, BBA ’06, MAcc ’06, of Dubai, UAE. Sister Lillian is 3.

Lily Kathryn Doolittle born June 20, 2018, to Jake, BBA ’11, and Kristin Knickerbocker Doolittle, BBA ’11, of Torrance, CA.

Logan Ray and Charles Scott Dunlap born Sept. 13, 2017, to Cody and Megan Robinson Dunlap, BBA ’11, of Rowlett, TX. Uncle is Brandon Robinson, BS ’10, and grandmother is Judy Wangner Robinson, BBA ’85. Megan was Baylor Homecoming Queen in 2010 and a member of the Baylor Song Leaders. 

Whitt Everett Dutton born Aug. 8, 2018, to Jon, BBA ’06, and Alicia Hannah Dutton, BBA ’06, of Houston. Sister Hannah is 2. Contact at

Katherine Ann Ford and Caroline Gloria Ford born May 16, 2018, to Walt, BSECE ’04, MSECE ’05, and Chandra Sternau Ford, BBA ’06, of Waco. Brothers are Austin, 7, and Aaron, 5. Contact at

Jude Christopher Glasson born Oct. 25, 2018, to Mark, BA ’05, and Rebecca Estrada Glasson, BS ’05, of Spring, TX.

Julie Kohr Gould born June 28, 2018, to Jared and Kelly Gould, BA ’06, MA ’15, of Waco.

Jackson DeWitt Gruber born Aug. 31, 2018, to Brandon, BS ’06, and Katie Green Gruber, BA ’06, MA ’08, of Nashville, TN. Uncle is Robert Green, BA ’98.

William Anthony Grygar born April 20, 2018, to Chase and Lauren Bibby Grygar, ’09, of Hickory Creek, TX. Contact at

Piper Rose Harlow, born May 17, 2018, to Hunter, BS ’10, and Rachel Chesney Harlow, BSEd ’10, of Waco. Brother Hayes is 2.

Ella Katherine Heady born Oct. 8, 2018, to Trent, BA ’11, and Sarah Moeller Heady, BA ’11, of Leander, TX.

Logan Arthur Herold born April 3, 2018, to Chris, MAcc ’08, and Jennifer Smith Herold, BA ’08, of Houston. 

Jericho Patrick Higginbotham born July 28, 2018, to Jon, BSN ’08, and Joanna Melvin Higginbotham, BSFCS ’07, of Dallas.

Rhett Everest Hill born Jan. 26, 2018, to Garrett and Shayli Hughes Hill, BS ’08, of Georgetown, TX.

McKenna Belle Hogoboom born Aug. 3, 2018, to Trevor, BSME ’13, and Tara Davis Hogoboom, BSME ’13. Contact at 350 Decanter Circle, Windsor, CA 95492 or

Neal Andrew Holt born March 24, 2018, to Lisa and Blake Holt, BA ’04, of Allen, TX. Brothers are Paul Roxton, 9, and Clark Daniel, 6. Uncle is Bradley Holt, BS ’01, MS ’03. Grandparents are Dale Miles Holt, BS ’71, BSN ’76, and Roxanne Gordon Holt, BA ’70.

Luke Anton and Andrew Dale Horton born April 19, 2018, to Jamie and Thomas Horton, BS ’09, of Houston. Big sister is Scarlett. Grandparents are Charles and Kandy Horton, BA ’82. Great aunt is Kitty Austin, BA ’82.

Tate Christopher Jamison born June 23, 2018, to Gabe, BSME ’14, and Anna Dearing Jamison, BSFCS ’13, of Port Orchard, WA.

Marin Joann Johnson born Aug. 6, 2018, to Sam and Hillary Carpenter Johnson, BBA ’00, of Dallas. Contact at

McKinley Elizabeth Jones born Oct. 12, 2018, to Jackson, BBA ’09, and Katie McKinnon Jones, BA ’07, of Fort Worth.

Charlotte Faye Kelm born Oct. 9, 2018, to Nathaniel, BS ’11, and Jessica Beard Kelm, BA ’11, of Fort Worth, TX.

Carpenter Hudson Lassiter born June 28, 2018, to Josh, BA ’10, and Meredith (Kennedy) Lassiter, BSEd ’10, of Douglasville, GA.

Reese Faith Levin born Dec. 28, 2017, to Lane, BBA ’03, and Meredith LoBue Levin, BBA ’02, MBA ’03, of Huntington Beach, CA.

Casen Henley Luck born Aug. 14, 2018, to Jesse, BSME ’12, and Elizabeth Churchill Luck, BSEd ’12, of Dallas.

Bella May Rosa McKissic born June 8, 2018, to Heather Sheppard, BA ’10, and Geoff McKissic of Houston.

Shepard Metz-Corporon, born Oct. 10, 2018, to Weston Corporon and Vala Metz-Corporon. Grandparents are Jeff and Lynda Still Metz, BA ’89, JD ’92, of Sagle, ID. Contact at

Alexander George Middendorf born June 16, 2017, to Brian and Sarah Sharkey Middendorf, BA ’99, of St. Louis. Siblings are Lucy, Trevor and Chloe. Contact at

Kinsley Ann and Mary Adaleigh Miller born June 2, 2018, to Cody and Hannah Miller of Tyler, TX. Grandfather is Dennis Jacobs, BS ’87. Contact Dennis at

Eliana Marjory Moon born April 9, 2018, to Ryan and Melody Markum Moon, BA ’10, of Robinson, TX. Big brother is Calvin Dean. Aunts and uncle: Candice Markum Richards, BBA ’08, Michael Stahl, BSEd ’06, and Kayla Panozzo Stahl, BSEd ’14. Grandmother is Julie Stahl, BBA ’89. Great-grandmother is Shirley McBride, MA ’81.

Pierce Laurence Nelson born Dec. 26, 2018, to Ryan and Mindy Melasky Nelson, BBA ’02, of Dallas.

Levi Matthew Nonnast born July 5, 2018, to Paul and Kayla Harrison Nonnast, BSEd ’08, of Olathe, KS.

Zachary Ruei Ortiz born July 28, 2018, to Leon, BBA ’07, and Sandra Garcia Ortiz, BA ’05, of Houston.

Laura Charlotte Reinowski born July 4, 2018, to Brian and Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski, BA ’01, MDiv ’04, of Waco. Laura is the niece of Sarah Sharkey Middendorf, BA ’99, and Robert Sharkey, BA ’05.

Caleb Reed Robinson born Aug. 24, 2018, to Philip and Nicole Eller Robinson, BS ’10, of Greenville, TX.

Adam Michael Rudolph born July 27, 2017, to Dan, BMEd ’11, MM ’14, and Megan Moscoso Rudolph, BMEd ’12, of Cypress, TX.

Tucker William Seago born July 11, 2018, to Jared and Allyson Townsend Seago, BA ’10, of Forney, TX. Tucker was born at only 24 weeks and was in the NICU in Dallas for 126 days. Big brother is Jonah. 

Paige Elaine Selwyn born Nov. 2017 to Adam, BBA ’08, and Lauren Small Selwyn, BBA ’07, of Houston.

Charlotte James Sims born July 23, 2018, to Bryan and Allison Dogger Sims, BS ’09, of Dallas.

Sloane Blakeley Spooner born April 24, 2017, to Justin, BBA ’02, and Summer Spain Spooner, BBA ’02, MA ’03, of Celina, TX. Siblings are Blake, Sutton and Sadie.

Skylar Ann Stewart born Oct. 25, 2018, to Trevor, BBA ’11, and Elizabeth Nelson Stewart, BS ’11, of Round Rock, TX.

Catherine Mae Sturdy born May 7, 2018, to Michael, BA ’09, MA ’12, and Lauren Hollon Sturdy, BA ’09, of Dallas.

Monroe Mehle Summersett born Jan. 12, 2018, to Andrew, BBA ’10, and Lauren Martin Summersett, BSFCS ’10, of Castle Rock, CO. Big sister is Haven James Summersett.

Ruth Kathryn Taylor born Sept. 27, 2018, to Nathan, BMEd ’10, and Michal Nelson Taylor, BMEd ’10, MM ’12, of Waco.

Hawks Lee Villafranca born Sept. 14, 2018, to Kalani Hawks and David Villafranca, BFA ’98, of Austin. Grandfather: Rick Hawks, BA ’77. Brothers: Zilker and Nico.

Beau Vu born Nov. 13, 2018, to Ann and David Vu, BSCS ’11, of San Diego. Contact at

Aaron Zachary Weixel was born Sept. 27, 2018, to Larry and Elissa Duncan Weixel, BS ’05, of Fort Worth.

Philip Levi Wilkinson born Jun. 18, 2018, to Amanda and Michael Wilkinson, BSME ’07, of Beavercreek, OH.

David Walter “Walt” Wilks born Oct. 9, 2018, to Brian and Sara Sommers Wilks, BA ’10, MBA ’12, of Houston. 

Priscilla Camille Williams born June 19, 2018, to Scott Williams and Treasure Salman, BSEd ’96, of Shreveport, LA. Contact at

Wells Prescott Wyatt born Nov. 28, 2018, to Lance and Kellie Jarrard Wyatt, BSFCS ’12, of Dallas.

Claire Taylor Young born Dec.17, 2018, to Christian and Morgan Cook Young, BBA ’12, MAcc ’12, of Dallas.