Laura Corwin, BSEd '88, & Chris, BA '88, Talley

San Antonio

Laura Corwin, BSEd '88, and Chris Talley

To us “transformational” means creating a dramatic change in a person, organization or environment. Baylor began “transforming” our lives as undergraduate students the second we arrived on campus in 1984. 

In addition to completing course requirements we were encouraged by faculty to be leaders in student clubs and organizations, participate in study abroad programs and hone our skills outside the classroom. Those same faculty members took it a step further, personally introducing us to mentors, alumni, and intern programs and ensuring we were prepared to succeed. Those relationships still are important in our lives today. We share those academic and real-world lessons they taught us with our children and fellow professionals. These experiences transformed us into who we are today — parents, community leaders, volunteers, an educator and a corporate communications executive. For us, it all started at Baylor.

Our three children were raised as Baylor Bears. We enjoyed dressing them in football jerseys and cheerleader uniforms and sharing all things Baylor with them — homecoming parades, football and basketball games, Sing and “boring” stories about where we met and the places we lived. 

“For us, it all started at Baylor.”

Daughters Megan and Caroline, both education majors, now are fourth-generation Baylor Bears. We take pride in being Baylor alums and parents. It has been great to see the undergraduate program from a new perspective. We watch our daughters experience a new Baylor with a broader vision. At the same time, the University’s nurturing environment has helped ensure a successful transition to independence. The girls benefit from small class sizes, caring professors who often just “check-in” with students during class asking about their overall well-being. They feel valued and cared for and in turn empowered. Students are encouraged think globally about their futures. We have been able to watch Megan, a senior, participate in study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica and Australia where she learned about different educational systems and cultures. These experiences have enhanced her résumé and her teaching methods.

We have seen Baylor provide students with many hands-on opportunities to gain workplace experience. Baylor also welcomes experts to campus to share knowledge and ideas with students. Chris has spoken through the years to Baylor Journalism and Communications students and been a resource and mentor. School of Education students get a leg up by being in Waco-area school classrooms for almost two full years before graduation. These experiences give students relationships they can utilize even before they graduate. 

Baylor is educating the whole student,
so they are prepared for whatever the future holds. Based in faith and providing support every step of the way. Baylor is providing students with a different type of education, one that educates the whole individual and prepares them for success in all aspects
of life.

They will always remember, it all started at Baylor.