Emma Ingram

Junior Marketing Major, San Antonio

Emma Ingram

I remember trying to find the perfect college my junior year of high school. There are more options than one could possibly consider, and each comes with similar claims of being the best. 

How does one tell which university actually lives up to their marketed values? After asking myself this question, I concluded that the saying “actions speak louder than words” rings true in most scenarios.

Baylor truly strives to provide a transformational undergraduate education by setting students up to succeed in life as well as the classroom. 

Undergraduate education is about much more than simply passing tests and writing papers. These skills are, of course, part of the experience and prove beneficial to the educational process, but they are not the only important aspects of college.

The professors at Baylor strive to cultivate a curriculum that encompasses much more than the base level of education. 

In my experience, they do not want you to simply put down the right answer, they want you to understand why it is the right answer.

They stress the importance of leadership, service and scholarship in daily life. I have walked into numerous professors’ offices asking questions about homework or lecture topics, and not once have I regretted doing so. 

They do not mind spending an hour explaining the same concept five different ways until you understand it. 

“They stress the importance of leadership, service and scholarship in daily life.”

If you want to ask for their advice on how to advance in your career field or how to handle a situation in your life, they are happy to help. I owe my gratitude to a great many Baylor professors and employees who have been there whenever I needed them.

Baylor also shows its dedication to providing a transformational undergraduate education by highly encouraging students to get involved in the community. Nearly every student is involved in one way or another. I joined an organization through which I am able to serve the University in wonderful ways. I am quite sure I would not be able to find an experience like this anywhere else. 

I have come to support the idea that people make a place great. I find myself constantly surrounded by friends who challenge me to do my best and work hard. This organization has allowed me to make connections with various Baylor employees and each has left an impact on me.

What I believe truly sets Baylor apart from other universities is how the professors and employees treat the students with respect and allow them to take on great responsibility. Their ability to foster an atmosphere of unity among the students and staff creates effective service for the University and Waco community, which helps illuminate the uniqueness of Baylor’s offerings.