Meet the Experts

The expertise of Baylor faculty and representatives who are actively shaping and advancing their disciplines is sought after by their peers and media as well as by University students in academic settings.

In this ongoing series, here are four of the many University representatives called on for insight and understanding on today’s topics by any number of media outlets—from The New York Times and The Washington Post to Christianity Today, CNN and NPR.

Perceptions in New Media

Mia Moody-Ramirez

Mia Moody-Ramirez, MSEd ’98, MA ’01, is recognized for her research regarding the portrayal of minority women in the media, reality television, racial stereotyping of women in rap music, and the pros and cons of using social media in political campaigns. Moody-Ramirez is a professor of journalism, public relations and new media in Baylor’s College of Arts and Sciences and director of graduate studies and American studies. She is a coauthor of the 2018 book From Blackface to Black Twitter: Reflections on Black Humor, Race, Politics, & Gender. Media outlets that have called on her include the Austin American-Statesman, NPR, KWTX-TV and numerous professional and academic journals.

Diving into Politics

Patrick Flavin

Patrick Flavin, a political science professor in Baylor’s College of Arts and Sciences, focuses on political inequality, the impact of politics and public policies on citizens’ quality of life, and state politics. His research and teaching interests also look at political behavior and research methods. The American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, and Political Research Quarterly are among those that have published Flavin’s research. Media outlets have sought his comments on elections results, school violence prevention measures, and the doctrine of birthright citizenship.

Intersection of Religion & Mental Health

Holly Oxhandler

Holly Oxhandler, assistant professor in Baylor’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, focuses her research on the intersection between ethical and effective integration of clients’ religion/spirituality and the evidence-based practice process in mental and behavioral health treatment. She developed the Religious/Spiritually Integrated Practice Assessment Scale, which assesses mental healthcare providers’ attitudes, perceived feasibility, self-efficacy, behaviors, and overall orientation toward integrating clients’ religion/spirituality in practice. Along with published articles in professional journals, media outlets that have called on Oxhandler include the Washington Post and Science Daily.

Remote Working Satisfaction

Sara Perry

Sara Perry, assistant professor of management in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, conducts research in management-related topics, including negotiation, employee stress and health, innovation and leadership. Her recent studies found that working from home or away from the office don’t automatically mean a satisfied employee; however, the research also generated strategies to help managers provide remote-work opportunities that are valuable to the employee and the company. Fast Company, Engineering 360 and professional journals are among those calling on Perry for her expertise.

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