Fiona Bond

Facilitating Cultural Activities

Fiona BondIn 2016, Creative Waco Executive Director Fiona Bond successfully led the charge for downtown to receive a State of Texas Cultural District designation from the Texas Commission for the Arts.

“The Cultural District designation does a number of things for downtown, beginning with giving us access to funding from various sources and marketing opportunities as a cultural destination at the state level and beyond,” she says. “The arts and cultural activities in Waco make it worth visiting because of the range of activity, the level of programming and the quality of what’s going on.”

Bond, who is from Kent, England, has lived in five countries and is an expert facilitator and connector of people. She has more than 15 years of senior management experience in the arts and cultural sectors, including directing cultural initiatives for Baylor and Cambridge universities. The Baylor MBA candidate is married to Dr. Bruce Longenecker, who holds The W.W. Melton Chair in the Baylor religion department.

Bond says with so many things to see and do, the city’s core is well worth exploring any day of the week. Also, Creative Waco ( has announced it will award $120,000 in matching grants for arts events and performances.