Baylor Bear Cub Corner

Bolton and Caroline Beard born Sept. 25, 2016, to Margaret and Tyler Beard, BSME ’09, of Madison, MS.

Claire Lee Berg born Oct. 18, 2016, to Brandon and Paige Freeman Berg, BSEd ’03. Contact at 5036B Schuler, Houston, TX 77007 or

Everett Kirk and Truett Clyde Brannan born Nov. 4, 2016, to William, BBA ’09, and Jessica Henson Brannan, BA ’09, of Rosharon, TX. Contact at

Charis Alannah Brownlee born Aug. 21, 2016, to Colby, BA ’04, and Joanna Feuerborn Brownlee, BS ’05, of Midland, TX. Charis has three siblings.

Harbor Olivia Byrd born July 15, 2016, to Christopher, BBA ’15, and Brittney Horner Byrd, BA ’14, of Sugar Land, TX. 

Collier Jax Coon born Oct. 8, 2016, to Brad and Jae Bozeman Coon, BSEd ’05, of Fort Worth.

Scarlett Ophelia Davis born July 30, 2016, to Bibiana and Robert Davis Jr., JD ’13, of Harlingen, TX.

Everly Quinn Delara born Dec. 15, 2016, to George and Kristine Lundeen Delara, BA ’08, of Dallas.

Chase Michael Dunn born Nov. 11, 2016, to Gary and Lisa Howse Dunn, BSEd ’02, of Houston. Big brother is Hunter, 2.

Eland William Emmite born Aug. 11, 2016, to Craig and Danielle Partee Emmite, BBA ’09, of Spring, TX.

Alexander Ward Erdman born Oct. 20, 2016, to Rebecca and Peter Erdman, BA ’92. Contact at 5808 Saratoga St., Alexandria, VA 22310.

Elizabeth (Eliza) Rose Ferguson born on June 24, 2016, to Drs. Emma and Todd Ferguson, BA ’04, MA ’13, PhD ’16, of Waco.

Keldon James Garner born Oct. 4, 2016, to Jesse and Lacey Melinder Garner, BSEd ’10, of Tyler, TX.

Ellington Blake Gebhart born Aug. 5, 2016, to Ryan, MBA ’14, and Natalie Rosato Gebhart, BS ’12, of Plano, TX.

Mateo Adan Girela born Sept. 25, 2016, to SSG Danny and Marisol Barraza Girela, BA ’07, of San Antonio.

Logan Daniel Greenwood born Oct. 26, 2016, to Blair, BSEd ’06, MSEd ’08, and Kelly Schlack Greenwood, BA ’07, of Humble, TX. Big brother is Riley, 3. Contact at

Kyle “Briggs” Hooton born Nov. 11, 2016, to Steve and Abby Haston Hooton, BBA ’08, MTax ’08, of Dallas. Grandparents are Dan, BBA ’77, and Pam Hughey Haston, BS ’79. Uncles and aunts are Hunter Haston, BS ’15, and Joe, BBA ’04, and Sarah Haston Love, BS ’06. Big brother is Eason, 2.

Karsyn Elizabeth Jett, born June 4, 2016, to Tyler and Kelley Palash Jett, BSN ’09, of Richmond, TX. Big sister is Madison, 2.

Victor True Killingsworth born Jan. 14, 2016, to Sarah and Kevin Killingsworth, BA ’04, of Granbury, TX. Big brother is Davis, 3.

Cade James Lovelady born Aug. 25, 2016, to Jordan, BBA ’10, and Kendra Kirkland Lovelady, BA ’09, of Plano, TX. Cade is the nephew of Kyle, BS ’11, and Rachael Gilbert Kirkland, BA ’11, and Claire Kirkland, BSEd ’13.

John Jackson McShan born Oct. 17, 2016, to Cody and Kelly Jackson McShan, BSEd ’06, of Dallas. Aunts are Amy Jackson Murphy, BA ’04, MA ’05, and Krissy Jackson Gorrichategui, ’12.

Amalia Flora Medina born May 2, 2016, to Drs. Danielle and Alvaro Medina, BS ’07, of Richmond, TX.

Luca Benjamin Mitchell born July 18, 2015, to Zachary and Lauren Kelly Mitchell, BFA ’06, of San Antonio. Contact at

Quinn Harper O’Brien born Oct. 19, 2016, to Adam, BSEd ’08, and Mallory Pacholick O’Brien, BSFCS ’09, of Seattle, WA. Grandparents are Tommy, BS ’72, and Susan Means O’Brien, BSFCS ’73.

Samantha Kennedy Pagitt born July 8, 2016, to Todd, BBA ’06, and Amy Graham Pagitt, BA ’06, of Arlington, TX. Big brother is Graham Vincent, 3. Contact at

Kylie Mae and Cole Alan Parker born June 19, 2016, to Derek, BBA ’09, and Sheridan Rainey Parker, BSEd ’09, of Cypress, TX. Big brother is Braden. Grandparents are Bob, BBA ’86, and Jeana Prueitt Rainey, BSEd ’78. Contact at

Lydia Joy Percell born Jan. 6 to Kristi and John Percell, BA ’06, of Colorado Springs, CO. Big brother is Noah Wayne. 

Francesca Rose Pineda born Nov. 10, 2016, to Victoria and Dr. Richard D. Pineda, BA ’96, of El Paso.

William Leon Rackley born June 28, 2016, to Jason, BSME ’03, and Giselle Riano Rackley, BS ’02, of Universal City, TX. Siblings are Ashton, Lilliana and Juliana.

Bennett Rampy born to Preston and Shelbi Rampy. Grandparents are Rene and Steve Watten, BBA ’81, of Coppell, TX. Contact at

Emily Grace Rannik born March 20, 2016, to Jim and Kristie Benton Rannik, BSEd ’02, MSEd ’04, of Pearland, TX.

Benjamin Ryan Redding born Sept. 24, 2016, to Trevor, BA ’09, and Lane Irwin Redding, BBA ’10, of Destin, FL. Big brother is Huck.

Hallee Gail Rice born Nov. 3, 2016, to Ross, BS ’13, and Shannon Lynn Rice, BS ’13, of Temple, TX.

Reese Brooks Richards born July 26, 2016, to Chris, BSEd ’06, and Beth Harrison Richards, BA ’06, of Dallas.

Cash Allen Roberts born July 18, 2016, to Justin and Rachel Proctor Roberts, BS ’07, of Sanger, TX.

Jack Bolton Rollins born Dec. 22, 2015, to Bo, BBA ’09, MBA ’15, and Laura Hicks Rollins, BSEd ’09, MSEd ’10, of Dallas.

Henry Thomas Ryan born Sept. 16, 2016, to Dr. Scott, BBA ’09, and Emily Benton Ryan, BA ’09, of Roanoke, VA. Henry has two brothers.

Gabriela Olivia Saucedo born Sept. 20, 2016, to James, BA ’03, and Tiffany Leonard Saucedo, BBA ’03, of San Antonio.

Andrew Miller Shirley born Dec. 13, 2016, to Tim and Alison Enochs Shirley, BA ’04, of Birmingham, AL. Big brother is Will.

Oakley Michael Sloan born Feb.1, 2016, to Nathan, BBA ’10, and Alison Garzone Sloan, BA ’11, of Waco.

Sadie Bea Thrasher born May 29, 2016, to David, BBA ’97, and Kristin Scott Thrasher, BBA ’98, of Houston.

Kiana Vicencio born Dec. 21, 2016, to Ivan and Malihe Nasrollahzadeh Vicencio, BA ’03, of El Paso.

John Wayne White born Oct. 17, 2016, to Nathan and Julia Gunter White, BA ’04, of Farmersville, TX. Contact at

West Carter Williams born Feb. 25, 2016, to Harold and Jennifer Allen Williams, BFA ’00 of Corinth, TX. Grandmother is Janet Allen Barger, BA ’73, MS ’76, MSEd ’82.

Kolton Binek Zastoupil born Nov. 16, 2016, to Brendan and Kristin Hall-Richardson Zastoupil, MA ’06, of Ennis, TX. Big brother is Bryton Kase, 8. Kristin is executive director for the Corsicana Education Foundation and webmaster for Corsicana (TX) ISD.