Tucker named BU's Title IX Coordinator

Kristan TuckerKristan Tucker, JD, was named Baylor's Title IX Coordinator in October.

She joined the Baylor Title IX Office in January 2016 as the senior deputy Title IX coordinator. Tucker helped direct the functions of the Title IX Office and train faculty, staff and students on Baylor's Title IX policy and processes. She also collaborated across divisional lines to manage safety accommodations, increase awareness and develop policy and a process for complaints alleging sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

"The Title IX Office’s focus is on our students and the entire Baylor community, ensuring that we provide the resources, support and assistance they need. It is vital that our systems support a fair and equitable Title IX process," she said of her role going forward.

"Although I may serve as the Title IX Coordinator, this is truly a team effort. We are a unified team, committed to the common goal of addressing the important issues of gender discrimination and interpersonal violence impacting the Baylor community. We remain committed to making progress and working with integrity to show leadership through our efforts."

Prior to Baylor, Tucker served as the lead Title IX investigator for East Carolina University and senior equity compliance officer within the University of Tennessee system.

Read more about Tucker and Baylor's Title IX Office at baylor.edu/titleix