Bear Cub Corner

Jaden Parker Adams born Jan. 20, 2016, to Jordan, BBA '07, MBA '08, and Jennifer Barrett Adams, BSFCS '09, of Plano, TX.

Axel Scott Armentor born March 11, 2016, to Scott and Kristine Mansour Armentor, BBA '00, of Plano, TX.

Lainey Lynn Barlow born Sept. 3, 2016, to Cody and Jessica Edwards Barlow, BSEd '06, of Crawford, TX. Big sister is Halle. Uncles are Jeffrey Edwards, BS '13, and Michael Edwards, BA '13.

Madelyn Grace and Emily Ann Beach, born April 19, 2016, to Taylor, MAcc '12, and Victoria Sanchez Beach, MAcc '11, of Little Rock, AR. Grandparents are Bob, BBA '82, and Lisa Beach, BS '81.

Elsie Margot Bellows born July 24, 2016, to Brandon, BA '07, and Sarah Warner Bellows, BM '10, of Buda, TX. Elsie is the niece of Stevie, BS '13, and Carli Miller Warner, BA '13.

Sadie Evangeline Bennett born June 13, 2016, Wesley and Julie Smith Bennett, BSEd '03, MSEd '09, of Crosby, TX.

Chappell Anne Bernsen born April 5, 2016, to Cade and Meredith Moran Bernsen, BS '07, of Beaumont, TX. Big sister is Channing. A fifth-generation Bear, Chappell shares the name of the first member of her family to graduate from Baylor in the early 1900s.

Alivia Anne Blasi born May 2016 to Matthew and Ali Ashley Blasi, BA '09, of Plano, TX.

Ethan Sean Bockoven born Feb. 19, 2016, to Ben, BBA '06, and Jackie Conlon Bockoven, BBA '07, of Lorena, TX. Big brother is Liam, 2.

David Marshall "Tres" Boggess III born March 13, 2016, to Marshall and Dr. Allie Wilson Boggess, BA '08. Contact at 1913 Hickory St., Houston, TX 77007 or

Barrington Marlin Brandt born April 6, 2016, to Kari and Brian Brandt, BA '93, of Round Rock, TX.

Gideon Luke Chaloner born to Aaron, BS '06, and Jae Lindsay Chaloner, BS '05, of Nashville, TN.

Kayson Robert Clark born Aug. 21, 2016, to Janeen and Champ Clark, BS '06, MSEd '08, of Houston. Big sister is Kinsley. Uncles are Nathan Clark, BA '08, and Caleb Clark, BA '15.

Camille Montgomery Couch born May 20, 2016, to Lance and Dr. Andrea Westman Couch, BS '06, of Nashville, TN. Other family members are grandparents Dr. Randy Westman, BS '78, and Cheryl Sweet Westman, BS '79; uncle Bill Westman, BBA '11, and aunt Kelsy Westman, BA '11; great-grandfather Bill Sweet, BBA '52; great uncle David Sweet, '86, and great aunt Heidi Sweet, BS '86.

Caroline Sloan Crider born Aug. 8, 2016, to Keith, BBA '95, and Beth Wise Crider, BBA '03, of LaGrange Park, IL.

Landry Elise Deville born Aug. 24, 2016, to Dean and Stacey Wells Deville, BS '03, and Dean Deville, of Austin. Contact at

Grant Wendal Ehlers born Aug. 23, 2016, to Josh and Rosemary Murray Ehlers, BSEd '00, of Sacramento, CA. Siblings are Luke, 6, and Kate, 3.

Ally Ryan Ethridge born Sept. 4, 2016, to Kerry, BA '97, and Samantha Gammel Ethridge, BSEd '02, MSEd '05, of Woodway, TX.

Huxlee Reid Farquhar-Caddell born Jan. 12, 2016, to Dakota, BBA '11, and Shannon Farquhar-Caddell, BSEd '11, of Blacksburg, VA.

Matthew Don Gano born May 3, 2016, to Bryan and Stefanie Davison Gano, BA '00, MBA '08, of Pflugerville, TX. Big Brother is Michael. Contact at

Gage Garrison Gohlke born Feb. 4, 2016, to Derrek and Ashley Erikson Gohlke, BA '09, of San Antonio.

William Barrett Hulsey born Sept. 1, 2016, to Wade, BA '04, and Brannon Jones Hulsey, BS '04, of Knoxville, TN. Siblings are Samuel, 6, and Ava, 3.

Sofia Phuong Chau Huynh and Dylan Quoc Chau Huynh born July 18, 2016, to Kim Chau and Ben Huynh, BA '90, of Sugar Land, TX. Contact at

Mary-Cameron Jones born July 29, 2016, and Ruthie Josephine Heflin, born Sept. 9, 2015, are cousins. Mary-Cameron's parents are Jeffrey, BBA '09, and Megan Marshall Jones, BSEd '09, of Grapevine, TX. Ruthie's parents are Nathan, and Annie Marshall Heflin, BSEd 1'11, of Irving, TX.

Jason, BBA '09, and Katie McCall Lamb, BFA '08, of Fort Worth welcomed their two little bears, Sawyer and Lynley Kate Lamb, on Jan. 3, 2016. Jason played Baylor football and Katie was a Baylor cheerleader. Contact at

Knox Gabriel Leonard born Aug. 5, 2016, to Kyle, BS '05, and Bree Northern Leonard, BSEd '03, of San Antonio. Grandmother is Vicki Moore Northern, BA '75, MSW '03. Knox is a great-grandson of Donald I. Moore, who directed the Baylor Golden Wave Band from 1948 to 1969.

William "Liam" Baylor Littlefield born Jan. 22, 2016, to Kenny, BBA '13, and Jessica Mauppin Littlefield, BA '11, MS '13, of Waco.

Novalee Elyzabeth Maldonado was born Oct. 20, 2015, to Zack, BBA '11, and Ashleigh Duff Maldonado, BSEd '13, of Houston.

Charles Walter Noyd born July 18, 2016, to Michael, BBA '13, MA '13, and Ashley Walters Noyd, BSME '12, of Fort Worth.

Andrew John Proctor born Aug. 1, 2016, to Jason, MBA '06, and Shanda Boswell Proctor, BMEd '05, of Tyler, TX. Big sisters are Kathrine and Sarah.

Ellis Xavier Sandoval born Jan. 22, 2016, to Randi Russell, BA '01, and husband Hector Sandoval Jr., BS '98, of Houston.

Henry Paul Schwartz born Aug. 12, 2016, to Justin, BS '08, and Hayley Perkins Schwartz, BA '08, of San Antonio. Big brothers are James, 3, and Jackson, 1.

Cadey Grace Smith born July 13, 2016, to Cody and Candy Smith, BSN '15, of Josephine, TX.

Curtis Sparks Jr. born Feb. 6, 2016, to Curtis and Jennifer Wallace Sparks, BS '06, of St. Paul, TX.

Kari Leigh Stringer born Feb. 22, 2016, to Michael and Sara Fojtasek Stringer, BMEd '02, of Arlington, TX.

Haven James Summersett born May 29, 2016, to Andrew, BBA '10, and Lauren Martin Summersett, BS '10, of Denver.

Adam Williams Timotic born Sept. 19, 2015, to Mike and Ashley Williams Timotic, BSEd '07, MSEd '08, of Fort Worth.

Brady Joseph Udell born Aug. 19, 2016, to Eric, BS '10, and Brittney Carr Udell, BS '11, of Houston.

Ruth Anna VanDyke born June 13, 2016, to Ross, BA '03, and Hannah Sprague VanDyke, BBA '08, of Waco. Big brother is Luke.

Henry Van Hal born Aug. 30, 2016, to Eric, BA '09, and Alexa Adams Van Hal, BSEd '11, of Frisco, TX. Big brother is Hudson, 2.

Evelie Haven Van Rooy born May 25, 2016, to Theo and Malia Alford Van Rooy, BM '05, of Lafayette, CO. Big brother is Ari.

Charles "Whitten" Williams, born July 6, 2016, to Wes, BSEd '08, and Hannah Templeton Williams, BSEd '08, of Kingston Springs, TN. Contact at

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