S3 Graduate Profile: Lindsay Beale

Lindsay BealeJob: Senior Manager, Group Sales, Spurs Sports and Entertainment
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Education: BBA, Baylor University, 2010

What drew you to the S3 program?

I grew up playing sports, attending professional sports. When I started looking for schools that had a sports management program in the business school, there were only two--Baylor and Central Florida. Obviously, being a Texas kid, I knew of Baylor. I'm one of the few 17-year-olds that ended up sticking with the same major, and I ended up getting a double major with management.

How did Baylor’s S3 program prepare you professionally?

From philosophies to the curriculum, the advice and hands-on mentorship that you get from Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Lehnus is great. They still invest in me; I can still call them. And the hands-on training through the connections lab. You don't just learn the skills from a textbook; you actually get to execute them on a day-to-day basis in the sales lab, working on projects with professional sports teams. You're able to put on your résumé as a college student that you have real-life professional experience. Those things are invaluable. We had 20 or so graduates, and there were that many or more teams looking for people. You definitely had your pick of teams when choosing your next step.

What was the best piece of advice you got while in the S3 program?

Dr. Lehnus told me as I was graduating and trying to decide what I wanted to do that I should take a job based on the boss and not necessarily based on the title or the position. Coming to San Antonio, I didn't have any family or friends here, but I came here because of the leadership team and who was going to be my boss. That has served my career well, having that mentorship and leadership--quality people who live their lives by their values, similar to the way Baylor does.