Bear Cub Corner

Carolyn Grace Akin, born Sept. 20, 2015, to Rachel and Paul Akin, BBA ’99, of Frisco, TX. Carolyn is their third child. Contact at

Alek Roman Alcantar, born Oct. 19, 2015, to Claudia and Roman A. Alcantar, BBA ’01, of Denver.

June Masil Amend and Fisher Dallas Amend, born Dec. 19, 2015, to Cullen, BBA ’06, and Katie McAfee Amend, BSFCS ’07, of Houston. Big brother is Crawford.

Veronica Lynn Brimhall, born Nov. 19, 2015, to Jamie and Isaac Brimhall, JD ’14, of Killeen, TX. Big brother is Remington.

Ava Clare Burgess, born Nov. 6, 2015, to Alec, BS ’09, and Lauren Morledge Burgess, BA ’08, MSEd ’09, of Waco. 

Sofia Alejandra Campos, born Aug. 20, 2015, to Michael and Siomara Arevalo Campos, BA ’01, of Waco.

William Harris Coffman, born Jan. 14 to Caleb, BBA ’09, and Stia Allen Coffman, BBA ’09, of Plano, TX.

Haevyn Elaine Davis, born Aug. 24, 2015, to Malory and Robert L. Davis, BS ’09, of Temple, TX.

Hannah Marion Dutton, born Sept. 24, 2015, to Jon, BBA ’06, and Alicia Hannah Dutton, BBA ’06, of Houston.

Evelyn Bell Faulkner, born Sept. 2, 2015, to Bo and Courtney Faulkner of Robinson, TX.

Emerson Mae Gay and Matthew Riggins Gay, born Nov. 14, 2015, to Nicholas and Claire Benedict Gay, BS ’00, of Denton, TX. Grandfather is Dr. T. Bradley Benedict, BS ’69.

Luca Heintzman, born Aug. 5, 2015, to Katrina and Kevin Heintzman, BBA ’97, MBA ’98, of Flower Mound, TX.

Heidi Diane Henson, born Nov. 4, 2015, to Bryan and Leigh-Ann Mulsow Henson, BBA ’04, of Waco. Contact at

Madeline Kate Jeffcoat, born Nov. 17, 2015, to Matthew and Abigail Lau Jeffcoat, BBA ’03, of Dallas. Big brother is Ryan. Uncle is Nathan Lau, BS ’98.

John Robert Jensen II, born Jan. 27, 2015, to Katie and Edwin R. Jensen II, BA ’10, JD ’13, of Mansfield, TX. Grandfather is John Robert Jensen, JD ’76, and great-grandfather is Dr. James Patrick McClelland, MD ’55. 

Thomas Graham Jessee, born Oct. 29, 2015, to W. Taylor, BBA ’12, MAcc ’12, and Kelsey Lane Jessee, BA ’12, of McKinney, TX.

Judah Morgan Kahle and Abigail Claire Kahle, born Sept. 30, 2015, to Tim and Amy Mitchell Kahle, BBA ’04, of Richardson, TX. Siblings are Samuel, 3, and Ruthie, 2.

James Paul Karas, born Dec. 16, 2015, to Starla and Aaron Karas, BA ’05, of Tomball, TX.

James Anthony “Jack” Keith, born Feb. 17 to Braden and Amy Fox Keith, BA ’07, of Houston.

Elizabeth Joy Kimmel, born Nov. 16, 2015, to James, BM ’08, MM ’10, and Christen Zbranek Kimmel, BME ’10, of Waco. Elizabeth is the niece of Clint Kimmel, BM ’12, and Kimberly Zbranek, BS ’13. Contact at

Sawyer Barnes Knas, born July 31, 2015, to Kyle, JD ’14, and Berkley Scroggins Knas, JD ’10, of Waco.

Briles Logan Koehler, born Oct. 8, 2015, to Justin, BSN ’05, and Laura Vrazel Koehler, BS ’04, of Dickinson, TX. Big sister is Maddox, 4. Contact at

Adrielle Pike Koerner, born Sept. 27, 2015, to Benjamin Bryant Koerner, BBA ’06, and Miranda Pike Koerner, BA ’06, of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

Presley Anna Grace Lipscomb, born June 17, 2015, to Wes, BBA ’10, and Sarah Denton Lipscomb, BA ’11, of Pearland, TX.

Emelia “Emy” Rose McPherson, born Dec. 27, 2015, to John, BS ’07, and Valerie Resendez McPherson, BS ’06, of Puyallup, WA.

Callan Michael Morales, born Oct. 1, 2014, to Jonathan, BBA ’09, and Rilee Morales, BA ’11, of Dallas. Contact at

Luke James Muhl and Madelyn Marie Muhl, born Dec. 15, 2015 to Lauren Sanders Muhl, BA ’08, and Dr. James Alfred Muhl Jr. of Waco. Grandparents are Pat and James Alfred Muhl Sr., BBA ’71.

Caity Diane Mullins, born Oct. 7, 2015, to Adrianne and Dr. Ted Mullins, BS ’81, of Jeffersonton, VA.

Judah Jared Nazarian, born Nov. 29, 2015, to Jared, BBA ’07, and Sarah Walker Nazarian, BA ’07, of Waco. Big sisters are Emery, Ruby and Mabry.

Aubrey Lynne Newcom, born Dec. 18, 2015, to Jonathan, BS ’11, and Kali Soderwall Newcom, BA ’10, of Waco.

Grant Michael Orsborn, born Sept. 30, 2015, to Patrick and Lauren Waddell Orsborn, BBA ’10, of Little Elm, TX.

Grayson James Pedigo, born Jan. 3 to Jeffery, BBA ’07, and Brittany Herwig Pedigo, BA ’07, of Dallas.

Bailey Rae Sandstrom, born Aug. 7, 2015, to Sid and Monica Sandstrom, MSEd ’13, of University Place, WA.

Lucy Anne Schluterman, born July 6, 2015, to Jonathan and Abby Leonard Schluterman, BSFCS ’02, of Tyler, TX.

Kyle Callaway Schnizer, born Aug. 7, 2015 to Aaron, BSME ’05, and Lea McKnight Schnizer, BBA ’05, MTax ’05, of Venetia, PA. Big sister is Brynn Elizabeth, 4.

Andrew Jud Settlemeyer, born Aug. 17, 2015, to Josh and Allison Pritchard Settlemeyer, BA ’01, of Magnolia, TX. Big brothers are Connor, 7, and Reid, 5. Grandparents are Jud, BS ’70, and Pat Pritchard, BA ’71. Contact at

Stryker Keeson Smith, born March 30, 2015, to Jason and Keena Burton Smith, BBA ’94, of Oklahoma City. 

Mason James Soileau, born Sept. 8, 2015, to Dr. Michael, BSEd ’05, and Janiece Jung Soileau, BSEd ’05, of Belton, TX. Mason is the nephew of Jimmy “Buck” Jung, BBA ’02, and Jana Jung Eaton, BBA ’00.

Kinsley River Warford, born April 22, 2015, to Brandon, BBA ’05, and Kristen Machicek Warford, BBA ’06, of McGregor, TX. Big sister is Kylah, 4.

Charles Walker Williams, born Dec. 28, 2014, to Brian, BA ’07, and Laura Lilley Williams, BA ’06, of Austin. Big sister is Claire.

Faye Willingham, born Oct. 5, 2015, to Matthew, BA ’08, and Cayla Hall Willingham, BA ’08, of Midlothian, TX.

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