Baylor Bikers Find Green and Gold Comfort

As Cody Schrank, MBA '08, assistant director campus recreation for Outdoor Adventure, scouted trails for a bikepacking (combining cycling and camping) trip for the 2015 fall break (Oct. 30-Nov. 1), he also searched for rest stops that were suitable for camping overnight. One call led him to a Baylor Proud gem.

The proposed route would take the group on a portion of the Northeast Texas Trail that runs along a repurposed railroad bed for 130 miles near Paris, Texas. Pecan Gap, a town of 200 residents located northeast of Dallas, caught Schrank's attention. When he reached out to a pastor to ask if the group could camp at the church, Schrank was directed to Sharline Freeman. He was told, "She bleeds green and gold." That was an understatement.

Freeman, BA '63, resides in Pecan Gap and also has a cabin that typically is used by her family. Freeman's Baylor bloodline extends to her three children (who married Baylor graduates) and five of her nine grandchildren (one is a graduate, four are current students, four are too young for college at this point).

She quickly offered the cabin as shelter for the Outdoor Adventure group. While others might stop at providing housing, Freeman went above and beyond that offer. She stocked the refrigerator ahead of time, followed the group through the rain to ensure their safe arrival and took them out to dinner.

"Sharline was incredible. She made my freshman experience in Outdoor Adventure even better than I could have expected. It's clear that her love for Baylor runs deep and that love confirms my decision to be a Baylor Bear," said Daniel FitzPatrick, a freshman in the group.

When asked about her love for Baylor and willingness to help the Outdoor Adventure group, Freeman said, "How do I even start to explain my love for Baylor? I was so happy to open my home to a group of Baylor Bears in need."