With your help, the future is now

The gifts of generous alumni and friends—both small and large—have been the building blocks of our success. Against this backdrop, we have great expectations for the future. We hold firm to our roots of Christian commitment and academic excellence with eyes toward even greater achievement. Pro Ecclesia. Pro Texana. Pro Futuris.

As a Christian university committed to scholarship of the highest quality, Baylor offers a distinctive voice to global conversations about crucial issues. The University already has embraced the charge—making strides toward the five-year goals developed to support Pro Futuris, our strategic vision launched in May of 2012—and continues to press on toward achievement in each area.

The Aspirational Statements of Pro Futuris

Baylor will be a community recognized for...

Transformational Education

Where academic excellence and life-changing experiences ignite leadership potential that increases our students’ desire for wisdom, understanding of calling, and preparation for service in a diverse and interconnected global society.

Compelling Scholarship

Where research discoveries illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting our world and where creative endeavors reflect the breadth of God’s creation.

Informed Engagement

Where our Christian faith, in conjunction with our expertise and resources, inspires a desire to address systemic problems facing our community, both local and global, and renews our dedication to improvement of self and service to others.

Committed Constituents

Where the dedication of alumni and friends advances Baylor through sustained involvement and philanthropy.

Judicious Stewardship

Where the value generated by and derived from a Baylor experience is supported through a diversity of revenues, prudent management of our resources and risks, and the pursuit of outstanding quality and character in every area of University life.

The momentum of the past few years has launched Baylor University into the national and global spotlight, from athletics to academics, from research to expertise. And together, with the involvement and support of Baylor alumni and friends, we will continue to strengthen the Baylor experience.

More than 27,880 alumni and friends took steps to champion the area of their passion in fiscal year 2014, providing more than $113 million toward enriching the Baylor experience. 8,925 of those faithful supporters gave to Baylor for the very first time. As Baylor continues implementing the ambitious five-year goals supporting Pro Futuris, every member of Baylor Nation can help fortify the University for future generations.

Learn how you can be a part at www.baylor.edu/give.